New Tires

I’m supposed to be getting my new tires placed today. My brother has off work and is going to load them and take them wherever. They feel much harder than my old ones, but have less tread on the sides, so the drive will definitely be different in so many ways. Doesn’t matter. I got them because I’m trying to decrease the chance of me getting something else stuck in them. These are quite stiff. If these Continentals give me as many problems as the other 2, then I’m trying a different brand next time. I still think I’m just victim to lack of luck, but 3rd time’s the charm, right?

After today I have a week off of work. I was intending to continue my house work at the other house since it’s the second half of the year and I’m running out of time without taking off work, but I am so deep in debt I don’t know what I should do. I still have to get things done, though! Ugh. I’ll have to see what is left after I get paid today. I really don’t want to leave the house because the chance of something else bad happening to me is so high I don’t want to take the risk. Decisions…

Wow how am I so late already today?

I can feel my tummy getting flabby again. I guess I’m stressed out.

I dreamed of him last night. It was a pleasant dream, though…I thought I was done with those. My mind is still very irritated about his lack of response and it wants to do something drastic, but I’ve learned that my impatient temper tends to make rash decisions. Just wait it out. Give him time. He’s never moved quickly with anything and for all I know the message sparked some sort of turmoil…my jealous heart can’t help but  think he’s already moved on and found another which his why it wants all semblance of him in my room gone, but my brain is stronger than my heart now. Time. And if he did, that’s great for him. Really.


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