My love, a poem

My love for you will ne’er wane
Though we are split in twain
I told you that in our first days
And I always mean what I say.
Even now, a month apart
You still reside in my heart
The pain and torment persists
Though our break was my wish

I guess we were ne’er meant to be
In the eyes of the backwards see
The details, the nuances, the little bits
I’d always seen, yet refused to admit
But I remember our joyous times
The felicity when you were mine
Memories that from me won’t escape
Cherished and kept lest creeps in hate.

I wish you happiness in all you do
That’s all I ever wanted for you
Because you deserve it, you do, really
If you want, I’d help, in any capacity
Maybe one day I can defeat resentment
And just focus on my own contentment
But for now I’ll focus on the positive
Beatitude and peace, my prerogative.


One thought on “My love, a poem

  1. Okay, Wow!!! You are an amazing poet!! AGAIN! Your flow was so rhythmic and put it together so well! Your talent is enviable, very much so. Great job, I love the poem!! Keep writing! 5/5

    I would be grateful if you could check out some of my poems too :)


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