Baby Girl Update

My arrival at home was heralded by my babies at the steps as usual, but my girl barked and woowoo’d at me which she has been unable to do with her neck problem. It always melted my heart to hear her happy to see me, but it is even more special now.  She was extremely excited and we went out on the walk. I told her to slow down because we don’t have to move so quickly. Gable even cut in front of me (he doesn’t do that because he’s not allowed to) to sniff at her, almost like warning her to calm down. She was so happy, though, no doubt because she felt normal again (medicine yesterday morning). Then tragedy strikes and not soon thereafter she yells and cries because her leg hurts. I rubbed her leg, but her face…her adorable little face…and she limps for the rest of the walk, her spirits crushed. We get back inside and usually they’re happy and hot so they lay there panting while Gable tends to want to play with toys, but she lies on her side right away and stays like that for the next 2 hours. Morose. Depressed. My heart ached at seeing that.

This is exactly what I was afraid of. That we give her the feeling like she’s all better, except she’s not and in all reality never will be the same again. I keep explaining to everyone that she’s just like me and that we’re all or nothing creatures; what’s the point of living when you have to hold back? This is a true spinal ailment.

And this morning she was very slow. Very slow. Plus her foot would drag on the sidewalk every so often.

Man. I hope she’s not giving up on life again…but then again, isn’t that her choice? I understand that, but others really don’t. I don’t want to prolong her life for my own selfish reasons if she doesn’t want to.

I’m going to try and let her go a day without medications.


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