Off the F

Since last Wednesday I’ve been staying off Facebook. I’d check it every so often just for a few seconds in case something big happened, but I liked nothing, posted nothing. This was very strange for me given the inordinate amount of time I spend on Facebook (besides instagram where all I do is post pictures of my dogs it is my only social media) but I cut everything off in care of my girl. I didn’t want to see silly pictures of dogs or anything. 

Back on it today, my first 2 likes and first post in 6 days. I have to say that by cutting myself off of social media, I feel more alive and less anxiety in the way social media makes you…almost less ADD even. I mean, even if I was literally spending the majority of my time playing video games and jamming food down my gullet, I didn’t miss it. Really, I feel like my brain benefitted from distancing myself. I even finished detailing one of my RW posts. 

Despite all of this I’m sure once my spirits rise again, I’ll be back at it (work has a tendency to force me onto social media to pass time) but let me not forget what a vacation it was to be away.


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