It’s  kind of nice that I didn’t post yesterday, huh? Means that my emotions, thoughts and feelings are getting more stable? Nah, just that I was actually preoccupied and not so lonely.

I woke up this morning with my eyes weird again. Must have been crying in my sleep. I wasn’t crying when I fell asleep, for the record. I’ll have to update the dream blog after this.

It is freaking HOT. Already!!! Crazy how the temperature extremes are here to stay. It was just 60ish and BOOM. 90+. And humid. Awfully humid. You can always tell how oppressive the heat is by looking at Liana. She wilts horribly in the heat given her black fur and she was dragging hard this morning almost instantly.

My body is rebelling something crazy, haha. Paaaaaaainnnn. Muscle pain. Stifffffff. Pretty good feeling overall, but it’s a little difficult to walk.

Had a discussion with a patient on Thursday basically about how some people have a body type that is not made for endurance. We both think we share the same body type, except that she doesn’t have the muscle cramping issues. She also has muscle achiness for days afterwards as opposed to others who are fine after day 3. See??? I’m not crazy. I do feel like I’m more made for strength, bursts of intensity. DEFINITELY not endurance.

Gable cracks me up. Liana and I will spot little critters quickly and she’ll start sneak-attack mode, stalking them quietly, but Gable will look around and obliviously not see anything until about 3 or so feet away from said creature and then his face exhibits a significant change into hunter dog and ZOOM, foiling any sort of stealth advantage Liana has. Speaking of dogs, my old guys yesterday melted my heart. I was preparing to leave after (finally) finishing the paint (was trying to get it done fast so I could leave before the the crowds, but I forgot it’s veery damp there in the mornings so I had to wait for the sun to come up and dry the wood….plus the cedar planks are seriously thirsty and omg that’s a lot of varnish it absorbs) and let them out for pee break. Instead, they decided to both flop on the ground and enjoy the grass and sun. Seeing how content they were I had not the heart to ask them to get up so we stayed a little while longer. It was truly a wonderful feeling, reminding me of when we’d say, “5 more minutes” when we had to leave for home or something. Those extra 5 or 30 minutes meant the world to us.

Then of course, it got me thinking of the brevity of life. How little experiences, little actions like waiting another few minutes for my loved ones are so poignant yet easily taken for granted. The little things really make life. They’re so much more significant than their face value because as a whole, they add up to equal if not more than the major life things. They shouldn’t be sweated individually, but should not be glossed over either.

On hot days I don’t want to do anythinggggggg. Not that I do much to begin with, lol. My life is boring.

My hand is killing me from holding that paintbrush. I hope it gets better before tomorrow. Stiff hands trying to do hygiene is very difficult.


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