Day: June 9, 2017


You know it’s going to be one of those days when you’re in thr car and realize you didn’t brush your teeth. Especially given my job. I was leaving when I felt that I was forgetting something important. Ran up to grab my SD card but couldn’t shake the feeling. 5 minutes later…oops.

My brain is so crazy and scattered.

Break out the floss!!!

Gorgeous gorgeous day, though! Excited to be able to spend some time outdoors tomorrow!




Made it to the end of the week! Which means tomorrow begins my marathon of WORK for the other house to get the yard into selling shape!!! And it’s going to be like 90 degrees!!!


I’m really sleepy. I guess I haven’t been sleeping too terribly much again. Sigh.

So on Wednesday I got my orthopedic back cushion for my car. I spend 8-9 hours a week commuting and my seats have zero lumbar support so more and more I’d found that my lower back is flat instead of the S curve that the lumbar region is supposed to have. Yesterday was the first day I used it. It’s…bulky and feels weird and now I need the head support for it too because since it pushes out my body my head is floating around in the air and I’m afraid if I get into an accident the head support won’t be able to protect me as well. So in the morning and then again after work, I have to get used to it again and it takes like 15 minutes to do that. Moving around, adjusting and I swear it affects my driving for a little bit. However, it forces me to sit up a little straighter. Similar to when I switched out to my Merrell’s for my feet it’s almost painful to adjust to. My feet had 26 years of bad shoes to overcome and my back only needs 5ish years, but man when I switched shoes it took almost a year to really feel the benefits. It’s strange, likeĀ moreĀ aching to adjust to something correct, reprogramming my muscles to accept this corrected way of operating instead of compensating for it. My family found it hard to deal with the shoes and no one has made the full switch because it doesn’t give you instant relief, but I had a major reason to keep my faith in the shoes (namely my back and ankles…and dogs) and through my perseverance my body is very well off now and I can’t go to any other shoe. No back pain or rolled ankles since!

Here’s hoping the car cushion will be as successful. Just one day of use (after the initial adjustment period) my back doesn’t feel the same pain. It’s multi-faceted, though, because my work postures is quite awful, so it’s overcoming all of those. So far so good.

Gotta take of this body, you know? Especially when I’m too lazy to do the workout like I’m supposed to.