Day: June 6, 2017

Debt is so stressful

Thankfully I don’t really have much debt, but this tremendous vacation balance is really stressing me out especially because I’m the one taking the brunt of it on top of singularly paying my mortgage, phone, etc. Once it’s over I think I’ll be able to breathe again. With the absence of the alimony I was starting to turn purple, but I’ve been downgraded to blue for the moment.

I still have yet to bring the dogs back to the vet.

Another reason why I’m rather jealous of my friend’s situation because she now has access to two incomes. This never was a thing with my ex because when I was with him he was always working towards his career which meant that I was the only one making money. Wow. Why am I always paying for everything for everyone?

I really need someone to take care of me. I love to help and maybe it really is my downfall. Beh. That won’t stop me from ever trying to help everyone. Except maybe this time I’ll be more cautious. haa.

Powerball is huge again. I always play but I know I’ll never win and the real question is, do I want to? The jackpot would be awesome and initially, at least, everything will be better as I strive to erase debt for my loved ones (did you know you can’t gift more than $14,000 a year without incurring a gift tax for that person?), but I know that it will cause other problems. I feel like with very good planning from 3rd party financial planners and lawyers that I could do it and responsibly for the most part. Lump sum, baby! Take that tax right away!

Now for me not to stall my brother’s car today.