Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, I have many people to remember. It may be a holiday to honor the fallen in war in defense of what they perceive to be right, but to me it’s more than that. For me it includes those living and those who have passed and not died (probably Remembrance Day would be more correct). Even if it’s designated for soldiers, it is a federal holiday and since we don’t collectively honor Remembrance day or even Veteran’s Day much like Memorial Day, I group them all together. And why not? Should not every day be remembering those who have paid the ultimate price? Doesn’t have to be a singular day and then forget about it the rest of the year.

Anyways. I’d like to take the opportunity to dedicate today to all of those who have touched my life and are not here today. Family, friends, patients, teachers. Maybe I should take their names down somewhere, lest I ever forget.


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