I Think I’m Numb

Things that would normally make me hella angry and rage-like, even, fail to make me so. Yesterday this guy didn’t see the bicyclist in front of me amd tailed the hell out of, me swerving side to side and still not seeing the biker. Today the lady in front me of me kept slamming her brakes, this lawn care truck and trailer pretty much almost crashed into me as I turned, and this lady ran a red turn as I was going straight. I reacted similarly to how I always do but I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing. No emotion. My body took over, going through the regular nerve reaction pathways, but I don’t feel anything. I tried to feel on the last one, tried to force it and maybe a little irritation surfaced but it fizzled out quickly.

From a road rage standpoint, this is great, but from a “me” standpoint it’s scary. Did my heart shut down? Safe-mode? Limp-mode? 


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