Gable cracks me up. They both do. She’s still miss stalky-I’m-going-to-kill-all-critters-with-my-huntress-skills but ever since the baby bunny incident, whenever Gable sees a bunny and she’s all huntress-mode, he barks at it. Greyhounds don’t usually bark and mine only bark at me or when they’re playing. I’ve found that the different barks all mean something. The one he uses for bunnies is different from any I’ve heard before. It’s loud, singular, and commanding. Pretty much it sounds like he’s saying “RUN! NOW!” Like a warning. Not only does he bark at them, but he’ll fake lunge, bringing his front feet down on the ground. They get the message and run away and Liana is like bluh. He is then happy, never attempting to run after them at all.

I just think it’s crazy interesting that he only started that after the baby bunny incident because before that he would be like her and they would together try to chase all bunnies. She would stop to stalk and he would just take off after them instantly, dragging both me and Liana along. He’s a strong boy. Now squirrels are a different story altogether. He’s not interested unless they’re right in front of him. And then he’ll try to chase out of the blue. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. She always wants to chase them.

Maybe he saw how distressed I was over the baby bunny? I had let him smell it.

My heart hound Gable.


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