Noticed on our walkies today that there were a BUNCH of dead/dying cicadas, bees, and other beetles, among cicada casings and things eating the dead cicadas. I tried to pick up a dying one. It fluttered its wings like crazy and so I dropped it, but it didn’t go far after that. Very dark green and red eyes. Is it time to mate again?

What did I do this weekend? Uhhh. Got to see M on Saturday. Very short amount of time but it did wonders for my heart. Then Zelda: BoTW and that’s about it. Sunday was Mother’s Day, so I slept in SUPER late and then we went to go eat with my uncle, grandparents and my great aunt. It was unbelievably crowded and it was just nice to be able to socialize. Went home and played Zelda again for a bit before my brother and I started tackling the kitchen light. My brother got her a new light for Mother’s Day to help her see the kitchen better. As usual everything in this house is complicated even though in theory it’s so easy. We ran into some major snags so after trying to get creative, digging around toolboxes (had to shut the whole house power), we ran off to Home Depot and came back to finish the job. A lot of doing, redoing, then doing that over again too. Eventually we got it to work!!! But then two of the lights don’t work. -_-;; Oh well. Until next time. Should be a ton easier the next time around. So glad my brother and I get along well enough to tackle problems like these. We’ve come a long way, that’s for sure. When things get stressful keeping the humor good, and staying calm, no blaming or anything is the best. I’m so proud of us for getting over and refraining from turning into my dad in situations like this. After all that we were a bit tired, but left again to look at different lightbulbs because the ones he had were crazy bright, like BLIND YOU bright. Took the opportunity to stop by my grandparent’s to help my grandma change a phone number in her phone. She proudly showed me her tomatoes and my grandpa was happy to see us too. Then off to Freddy’s for dinner and then finally back home to feed the dogs.

It was crazy to see my brother so upbeat and social. It’s like I’ve been saying all along: you gotta get out there and do something, with other people, to bounce ideas, get new perspectives, agree, disagree, whatever. The moment you’re in motion, you stay in motion. If you sit still, you’ll stay still. In one day he was social, physical (lights), mental (also lights), and so the energy ball keeps rolling and you don’t want to stop. The snowball effect! And it makes you happy because humans really do need that stimulation; physical, mental and social. And we’re not just talking simple yes, no, conversations either. Quality conversation where you ask questions, learn new things, delve deeper, and ultimately make those social connections with people by getting to know them better. Not every single day unless that makes you happy, but enough that you don’t get sequestered in your own head thinking the same thoughts and seeing the same walls. Not TOO deeply either unless they mean that much to you. I’ve made the mistake before at work of getting to know patients TOO well…I think I’ve finally learned  the ideal depth unless I really, really, like them.

Gable has had some UTI issues, but I’m too poor to address them. After this week I’ll be able to have some wiggle room, I think. In the meantime I’ve been trying to keep it at bay with cranberry juice. He feels better, even if he hates it (which I don’t blame him at all), but I know it’s not solving the problem.

Did you know that the way the market is currently, I could make $70,000 if I sold my house right now???? That’s how much more it’s worth since I originally bought it. I wish I could. Then I could help my mom out because I think my dad is being an asshole with the alimony. Either that or he died. Hah. Yeah right. He will neither die nor retire because the instant he does his retirement stuff goes right to my mom. She’s having a really tough time with it and I’ve been telling her since the beginning to find a way to stop relying on him. If it was me I’d cut every single tie I have to him if possible. I’d make it work, because that alimony is the last shred of control he has on her life and without it he has NOTHING on her. What the hell he is doing with his money is not my concern. He can have it all if he wants. Swim in it. Drown in it. I want zero debt or reliance on him.

Zelda: BoTW is seriously a 10 rated game in my opinion. Everything about it is just perfect and the little details make it the best. How they jammed so much content into such a little cartridge I have no freaking clue. Still have yet to find everything and still only halfway through the main quest line.

Mowed the lawn (amazing feeling, that), cooked. Not much else in life. Haha. I keep getting older, and time just keeps ticking away, but I honestly can’t complain about anything in my life. The negatives are there but overall I’m just blessed. I need to remember that.


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