My grandparents gave me $1000. It’s supposed to be for the beach and to help recoup the funds from when Gable was sick. I was worried because that’s too much money! They’re old and I’m still working! In looking at my finances just a moment ago…I actually need it. The heck. The nice thing is in June I get paid 3x which means that I’ll be able to pay for the rest of the beach trip no problem, and hopefully catch up on the rest of it. Sigh.

I was thinking the other day (I have lots of time to think about things during the day and on my commutes) that the very best thing would be if my grandparents either gifted their house to me or sold it to me at a discounted price. I’d prefer the selling to me, because I don’t like free things, but if they were able to see it at a good price to me, I’d have the funds necessary to fix the whole place up. I think it’s a good idea in many aspects because my grandpa loves that house. There are so many memories there. If they sell it, it will have to be as-is and the people after that are guaranteed to gut the house and do a complete makeover. If it was me, I’d have the respect for the history and memories buried there. My grandma’s parents resided there, her uncle died there. Kids grew up there, dogs died there. I remember it from when I was tiny. I closed my brother’s finger in the door there. Location is excellent, it’s detached and has a yard for me to tinker in! It’d be like heaven for me to be able to tinker in and out of the house!

Doesn’t mean that it’ll happen, but what a great thought!


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