Weekend, Patience

Nothing happened this weekend. THIS IS A LIE. For once. I replaced my toilet! Entry written on DIY Cat if interested. The old toilet had been leaking for months on end and it wasn’t until last week that it started becoming imperative that I do something about it. It was strange because the leaking correlated to the outside temperature…now that I found out the problem (extremely corroded tank bolts that crumbled in my hands and the instant I shifted the tank) I have to sit there and think about why it seemed to be temperature dependent. Obviously it had been leaking/corroding for YEARS and even before we moved in because the previous owners tried to patch around it. Didn’t work, obviously. Anyways, I have a new toilet, no leak and another house project tucked underneath my belt. Am I proud? YES. But still reserved as with all my other projects. Only time will tell if it will hold. Of course that means that I can never look at toilets the same way again when I use other ones.

Other than that excitement (if you intend to replace your toilet, make another person help you) I played lots of Zelda: BoTW. Picked it up again after several hours of playing other games. Returned a few items then bought a few more. Tried to draw a bit for RW, but got sidetracked and then couldn’t get into the groove again. Art really has that effect, you know? You’re not into it, it’s not into you. Speaking of art, I really do need to figure out this sewing thing. I MUST MUST MUST finish my dog costumes before they’re not around for me to do it anymore. Alas, that means money. MONIES.

Which reminds me that instead of typing this post I should be paying bills.

My rant for the day:

I was driving with my mom around on Saturday, and lo and behold I run into the motherlode of awful, terrible drivers. Almost an accident because this lady was too terrified to make a yield left turn and slammed on her brakes at the last moment. That was the big one, but there were others. Then it really gets me going because my mom’s always like, “you’re too hasty” and I know that I’m impatient, but you know what, in the last 5-6 years I’ve been working very very very hard on being patient, giving people the benefit of the doubt, trying to be courteous. Working off the karma premise, you know? I’ve made great strides, but it NEVER fails for me to see and get stuck behind these people that test the hell out of me. My brother and mom keep remarking about why is it that I get all the crazy stories. Even at work!! The brake checks, the near misses. All the time!!!!

I realize that it’s just life telling me I need to practice more patience in my life, but holy HELL how much more patience do I need to practice? I’ve been patient  because it’s been forced on me in more than one aspect of my life. In fact, it’s in every aspect of my life. WHY IS THAT??? I’ve complained consistently about it here, about my life situation and waiting. Then there’s the car. Always in traffic, always stuck behind someone slow or irritating with no way around it. Then there’s work. I realize it’s sort of the nature of the job, but I do very much mind waiting when other people and other things are waiting for me. Ridiculous waiting. Not just the normal waiting. Huh, maybe that’s why I abhor it so much. On top of it all Idiot at work is the ULTIMATE test of endurance.

Forced to rein in, forced to stop, forced to slow down, forced to wait at every turn. How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? By jamming it into a box and sitting on the lid until it turns into a liquid and tries to disintegrate its way out. Though that’s not working this time, and solid isn’t working either. Neither is expanding in the hope of exploding the box. Tried that a couple times. It just rocks the boat and causes irreparable damage. All that’s left is to sit there and wait until my captor decides it’s time.




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