…I feel like I either travel to other people’s dreams or I get dream visitors. My dreams in general are very vivid (hence my dream blog for the more significant ones) and there are times when they’re too vivid. On more than one occasion, actually, quite often, I’ve awoken to inexplicable bruises on my body. Or muscle aching even though I’ve done nothing the night before or the day before to warrant that. Like the bottom of my feet hurting me as if I’ve been walking/running on them all night long. Other times I’m mentally exhausted. Some dreams are vivid in detail to the point where I could draw and color for you exactly what I saw, whether it be a face, a house, an object or scenery…ones that I’ve never seen before in my life. Some dreams provide me with sensory detail I should not know given I’ve never experienced them before in my life, so how is it possible for me to know the feeling? Imagination can only go so far. In fact, imagination as an adult is limited to things you’ve already experienced in your life (think depictions of aliens or monsters and why they all can be likened to something you’ve seen before) unless of course you’re in an altered state of mind.

I’ll get strong feelings of deja vu or know the answer to something I really don’t know how I know the answer to. I do have a good memory, but not THAT good and to such obscure things.

Mind you this isn’t all the time, but enough now in my three decades of life to think significantly about it.

One event that will forever haunt me is that girl in Richmond that passed by me in Panera. We both stopped and stared at each other for a moment before asking each other how we know each other. Everything we’d pull out that could be possible was wrong. Her name rang no bells. We lived and grew up no where near each other, went to completely different schools. There aren’t many Asians down there, you know? And I have a very distinct birthmark smack on my face. None of our experiences matched and yet there was an undeniable connection there. Absolutely undeniable on both sides. Never saw her again, but what a strange experience. Maybe I knew her from a dream?


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