It’s that time of year again

…where my fingers start peeling. I’m like a snake. It’s been peeling like crazy around my finger wound, which may have been jump started by this phenomenon. For the moment it looks like I’ll have a permanent line where the scissors went through my skin.

My poem craze hasn’t abated at all! It gives me something to do and a place to channel all my emotions.

Life continues to march along. Nothing happens, nothing to look forward to. Just floating here trying to keep my head above the rising water. It’s very depressing when I start to think about it, so I try not to, but I can’t help it. Why can’t anything my life be easy or “typical?” I’ll take even being in the outskirts of normal. Always so complicated and not what I’d like. I don’t even have many demands of life!!! Indeed all I ever asked for, all I strived for, has been a middle of the road existence. Medium height, medium income, practical/utilitarian car, mediocre house. And yes, while those have been achieved, why is the rest of it complicated? …Maybe because I didn’t specifically request other aspects of my life…wut. That’s not fair. As a kid that stuff can’t really be comprehended!!!!

Ah.  Another pity wallowing?? Must be that time of the month again.


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