This is one of times of the year where a dog bath would be indicated. Their bedding is smelly, they are smelly. Heck, I’m smelly! Sweat. We’re back in sweat land…especially when night time is so freaking hot. I managed to finally get out to cut the grass and man is it muggy out there! It’s not particularly hot, just humid. At least I finally got it cut though. Ah spring…rains, flowers and fast growing grass.

Yesterday I went to Kriser’s grand opening, having taken over Wylie Wagg now and I expected a crowd, but good gravy I bet you anything we were over the fire occupancy. Why? Free stuff. A drawing for $200 (which would buy you like 4 items there, seriously). Before leaving the house, I thought seriously about bringing my dogs, but didn’t and was worried I’d made the wrong decision. Nope. I would have seriously regret bringing them. They are much too big to bring into a place like that. The grabbing of free items, the overexcited dogs neutered and unneutered, the terrified dogs being dragged along, or hiding under displays, the lines, the annoying guy in front of me! There was a guy with a basket handing out free poop bag dispensers with poop bags in it, our eyes met and I was aghast at the sight before me. It was like time stood still for a second. He stood there frozen as we locked eyes and hands from every direction flew into the basket to grab one. I walked towards him and he asked me directly, “would like a bag dispenser? It has the bag in it already!” I smiled, took it from his hand and thanked him warmly. One instance of civility in the chaos. Then I picked my two dog treats and stood in line for a half an hour as people continually cut in front of me and no one else to pass through. My only real distraction was the whippet in the other line, looking just like my greyhounds and acting like them too, haha, having spent too much time in line. The guy in front of me, as I finally get to the desk, is super annoying, insisting on coupons. He already got 40% off and they kept telling him he only can use one, but he kept going on and on about another 10%. So while he continued to stand there doing who knows what, the lady reached in front of him and took my items…I don’t blame her, there are 20 others in line behind me.

Then I went to HomeGoods for dog toys and left $100 poorer.

Stopped by Target and should have left $100 poorer too, except I used my giftcards. Got home because it was getting scorching and proceeded to play my new games. You know, I don’t play online very much because I dislike and refuse to deal with the drama there, but I really don’t mind doing it when it’s Mario Kart. I’ve played older versions of it online (DS and Wii U), but the Switch’s experience so far has been the best. Maybe it’s because it’s still new and not too many players yet, but yesterday I experienced no snakers that I could tell, minimal lag, and just fun. Very close matches like it should be, item fests, and Nintendo made it so that you really can’t be nasty to each other. At least no one’s figured it out. Yet. Balanced gameplay is key to online vs. gaming.

Oh man…I am sleepy! Trying to sleep with heat at night is not fun. Then you get the weird dreams. I ended up with those realistic dream in a dream in a dream sequences where I can’t wake up and finally when I do my head is buzzing and disoriented.

Been trying to find environmentally friendly shampoo since I don’t have my hair and don’t need much to keep it clean. Been on a serious environment kick because I feel like the green movement has lost some significant steam and is, certainly, being threatened yet again. Hoping for the power of one while not breaking my already fragile bank. Even if I never have kids, I owe the future, well, a future. Target has a surprisingly large stock of them! I picked 2 to try.





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