Rant to follow:

WHY is it that everyone misconstrues my intentions? I strive to remain as neutral in as many things as possible when dealing with situations and decisions in order to achieve the best possible outcome unhindered by emotion. That entails that I consider and bring up possibilities that may be difficult to hear or acknowledge, but it’s all part of the process as negative factors are inevitable in anything.

Don’t take it personally, don’t think I’m criticizing you. Just because I think one method doesn’t mean that you have to. There is no one way to go about things in life. In fact, I expect you to be able to think on your own (the hallmark of being human). I’m just providing the good the bad the ugly so that you don’t make a one-sided decision and regret it. Providing all the facts and you can go from there. Unless you are a child under the age of 12 (and in some cases up to 15) or a dog, you are old enough to make your own decisions and deal with the consequences. My goal is just to help you make an informed decision with the least amount of repercussions possible. And if it comes down to consequences, then at least you’re prepared to deal with it. The reduction of pain and stress.

It’s because I care. If I didn’t I wouldn’t even bother and let life do what it will to you.

This applies to everyone I care about in my life.

…I’ve been accused of sounding too professional, too cold, uncaring. For some reason, most people are too easily offended and think that I’m directly jabbing at them, but I truly am just adopting a neutral attitude. To be neutral means to take no sides, and even in situations where emotions are charged it’s best to be matter-of-fact, am I right? When I was dealing with Gable’s emergency, that’s what I wanted from the Doctor. It was nice that she managed to inject care into it all, but I wanted to hear the real, unsweetened version. Sometimes being neutral, even if I intend to be the voice of reason, causes more reaction than being of the opposite viewpoint. My mom found herself in that situation when my dad’s dad was dying. The family refused to hear what the hospital was saying and when my mom told them matter-of-factly what was happening, they all lashed out at her.

Haha…it’s a hard path I walk.


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