I felt like I was in a volcano last night. Before I went to sleep and pretty much all day my lower abdomen, especially the right side, was killing me. Not the go-to-the-bathroom type either and not quite the I’m-on-my-period cramping. Thought maybe it was from too much sitting in one place, but it hurt more when I stood up and moved around and I had been cooking for 2 hours while feeling it. Spent the time before bed typing up poems and got sleepy so I went to sleep, but it was extremely fitful. I thought I’d been asleep for a long time, but when I looked at the time it was only 11 something. By 1am I just had to get up and go to the bathroom, but it was mostly because I was sweating to the point where I felt like I had jumped into a pool. Literally so much sweat that I could dry myself off with a towel (and this is with very short hair already). It brought back flashbacks of how I used to feel as a kid when I had a fever. My bed was moist and wet, so I had to scoot to a different portion, but the problem was that I wasn’t hot. I mean, I was hot, but I was also cold when outside of my blankets. Once again that fever feeling when you’re burning up but cold at the same time. Well. I did not sleep well last night, and I kept waking up every hour or so. Now, of course, I’m very tired. Going to be one of those days. Good news is that my abdomen stopped hurting.

Wonder what it was.

I spoke of poems earlier because recently I’ve been using poem writing to discharge my feelings. Drawing just isn’t happening as much.

April showers bring May flowers! And goodness the showers! My grass is loving this, I’m sure. If you’ve been overseeding this is great time for them to grow.

I was having a discussion last night with my brother about female protagonists in video games. He was complaining about why so many steam games make you play females as the lead and I said, well, I’ve been playing male leads since forever so it’s good they make you play females. Then I launched into how pretty much every single game with strong female leads don’t sell well. No matter how good they are. Try to think of any female-led games. Everyone can think of one: Tomb Raider, which are extremely good games but never held up to games like Halo, or anything like that. Can you think of others? Metroid. Mirror’s Edge. Bayonetta. Great games, but they just don’t sell well, so if you want to make a female lead you have to put a male in there with them. Mass Effect (Andromeda was meant originally to have the female be the main, but oh well). Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Resident Evil. Resident Evil Revelations…not even part of the main RE titles, but both featuring women leads with men thrown in there later, too. Then you have games like Gears of War where they try to put women in but make them hella annoying. Of course.

MEN. MALES. And you really can’t argue with them about this because they don’t believe you.


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