Hair, A Poem


When you’re long you’re so impractical,
But everyone thinks you’re beautiful.
You’re hot, heavy and use so much shampoo
You get in my eyes and irritate my face too.
When I had you, you were never down
What’s the point then keeping you around?

When you’re short you are intimidating
And other times you are humiliating
Not to me but to those who don’t know
The joy and liberation you bestow.
Driving with the windows down is a breeze
People are amusing when in a state of unease.

You’re just hair, but you affect us so,
For most of us, you’ll just continue to grow.
So what’s wrong with hair long or short
It’s mine to decide, and on my head to sport
Have what hair you like without fear of complaints
And strive to confound societal constraints.

An original poem written by me, aowam.


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