Hmm I wonder how many posts I have with that title? Plenty, I’m sure.

I spent pretty much ALL DAY playing Mass Effect after I posted. To the point where I had a headache and became depressed in realization of what I had done. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time I veg out with a video game all freaking day long, but I can’t believe what a bad mood it put me in. Thinking back on it too, made it worse! I accomplished nothing. Then I started applying it to my life and the wallow pit got even deeper. What else is there in my life? I’ve done all I ever planned to do. No goals, nothing in the future to look forward to. Just a holding pattern. Waiting. Waiting for what? To win the lottery? And then what? Waiting for death? My next paycheck? Only to lose it all on bills and fall right back into the pattern. I can’t spend extra because I really don’t have much to spare, but I did it anyways and now I deeply regret it. Can’t do anything without money.

Whatever. THEN I got even better news! Idiot at work is filling in for other co-worker today! Wow! How fun to come back to that! My mood got even darker. In these times all I can say is thank goodness for books and dogs. Though my dogs were extremely restless yesterday. Spring always does that to them.



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