Without the use of my first finger

Things are hard. Thankfully it’s just my left hand so it’s not as bad as it could be…though playing piano, typing on the keyboard and doing things without thinking about it proves to be painful. I knocked it about yesterday and deeply regretted it. Plus, since I’ll keep the finger from hitting things by extending it, the incidences of me closing it in doors is very high. It looked bad yesterday, but the piece of skin will fall off at some point. Just will take a while. Going back to work with this is going to be awful.

 Looks better now.

It’s Monday and I am home BY MYSELF. Whoooo. It’s great! I love the feeling, truly. It’d be better with a certain someone with me, but I won’t complain. Got up, walked the puppies and finally went out to plant plants. It’s absolutely amazing how much more gumption I have when it’s just me. Suddenly things that need to be done, well, get done. I don’t really understand why when there are other people around I don’t want to do certain things, so I don’t. Then again other people inspire me the opposite way where since I am obligated to do certain things, it does happen. Huh.

“Upgraded” to the LG G6 on Saturday. I really do miss my V20, but the smaller size makes some things so much better. And I save $2 a month. YAY.

I’ve been hard at work playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. Initially I was underimpressed as it is very glitchy, somewhat confusing/boring in the beginning, and rather difficult (I had to bring it down to casual mode and I like it much better), but overall I quite like it and continue to want to play it. It’s a Mass Effect game, c’mon! The protagonist has a completely different personality than the previous and it’s funny. Come on Space Dating Sim! They wasted no time either jumping into the romance section. I can tell you which characters swing which way already.

Easter was yesterday! And I had 2 of them. One of just us and M, and the real one with family. I don’t like going to my other aunt’s house but I have no problem coming to this aunt’s house. She’s so casual and chill about things. We all sat at the table and conversed loudly, genially, lots of laughing. That’s how it should be you know?


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