A lot has happened.

In the…2 days…? I last posted.

I can’t remember exactly what my last post was, but I’m back north now! I’d given myself heat exhaustion something awful Tuesday, even though I kept boasting that it was just minor, but it wasn’t. The splitting headache, the fatigue, muscle weakness, the desire to do nothing but sleep, burning skin…yep. All there. At least this time I didn’t slur my speech. The effects extended into the next day even though I felt overall much better: muscle weakness, sleepiness. Still went shopping with my mom, got some shorts from Kohl’s (yes! I wear shorts now! Not only was last year so unbearably hot to wear jeans, but the laser hair zapper thing has actually been working so I’m much more confident. I guess my ginormo calves and thighs don’t bother me as much as it used to), went grocery shopping and came home.

Decided to go ahead and start the GrowBox! I was doing really well, following the instructions to the T, and then it came to secure the stakes to the fertilizer mat and I had some trouble so I came up with the bright idea to use scissors to poke holes in it. Worked for 2 of the holes and then fateful #3 came up…let me just say here that new Scotch scissors are very sharp. I managed to cut my finger something awful. I haven’t injured myself that badly in a very long time. Blood came pouring out and I hadn’t felt the pain quite yet but I knew it was coming. I run in and mom got me those big gauze pads we have a zillion of left over from Gable’s foot. That was a lot of blood and the PAIN OMG THE PAIN. Used vet wrap to keep it in place and could feel the blood oozing out everywhere. I went back out to finish the box and water it, kind of in a daze and beating myself up internally for being such a klutz. I MEAN I HAD A CLASS TO GO TO LATER. All I kept thinking was thank GOD it was my left finger and not my right one. Removed the pad and put regular gauze on it (again, thank you Gable), replacing it later with bandaids, but it just kept bleeding. Later I found out that I bled on everything in the short trip from the deck to the sink. That was a LOT of blood flying around. Reminded me of Gable. I finally got a good look at it and good gravy I almost took a massive chunk from my finger. I knew, looking it, that it was something that needed stitches but I didn’t have time to run off to patient first or the doctor because I only had 2 hours before I had to go to my class. So instead, I played Mass Effect: Andromeda. Then the power cut out and I walked the dogs, changed the bandaids, took half the box with me and packed up to go.

 Here it is today, one day later and its still bleeding.


Ran into some traffic, and I HATE Google Maps, dunno why I always use it. Had to do a few turnarounds but I got to the facility. Super excited, a little scared, but mostly excited! I walk in and there are only men wandering around, so I stand in line and presently one of the guys calls me over. I explain why I’m there and this huge hulk of a man who is standing there, sizes me up. No doubt he’s the instructor and he asks the guy to help me choose a rental gun. They recommend a Glock 17 and I get 50 rounds, plus eye and ear protection (I fail to mention that I brought the ESS safety glasses M gave me). At this point I am very happy that I wore my contacts and not my glasses. My phone’s service is shot there, so the pictures I try to send M aren’t going to send for several minutes. At least the text goes through. Everyone gets there and we walk off to the classroom. There are 6 of us in the classroom, all older than me and one Asian dude also renting like me. I sit front and center, as the last student in the classroom. The main instructor is an impressive man with biceps bigger than my head. 23 years of experience with guns, ex-Marine, definite combat experience, no stranger to killing and protecting, as he was protection detail to Biden and presidential protection on the East Coast, trains military, everyone, planning, etc. And body builder. haha. On top of it all he has charisma and hella enthusiasm. Other instructor is very young, small but a strong voice, army weapons instructor in Alaska and in Maryland. Said that it’s easier to teach civilians because they’re nicer and here to learn. Other people are one guy about to retire, a husband and wife team, another guy and then Asian guy.

Class starts out with the gun basics and structure and theory, my contacts are messing with me. Then we get to load fake ammo, practice slide locks, magazines, form, stance. Let me tell you…the lack of my finger was killing me. I’d hit it by accident as I needed it and it would bleed anew. The only nice thing was that the guy with the Baretta next to me caught his finger with the slide and I had band-aids!! He thanked me often throughout the night. Asian guy was a problem from the beginning, not listening to instructions, and the instructor had to reprimand him often…he was really nice and helpful though, and even with that you could tell he was losing his temper after a while, but goodness I was impressed at his patience!!! Besides me and Asian man not knowing anything, the wife of the husband/wife team was like that too. I got to be next to her the whole night and we were feeding off of each other. My first time hearing a gunshot up close was very startling, but not as startling as first shot of the gun!!! Even with all the practice beforehand, wow. And sheesh guns are heavy!! But the one on one coaching was fantastic and I had such a good time learning and experiencing and throwing myself out of my comfort zone. The instructor was extremely impressed with me and kept smiling and telling me how I needed to come back and do some more. I think I was the star of the show, coming in with  nothing at all, learning and showing the results. It wasn’t too hard with sir-mess-up-Asian never following instructions, shooting 3x and not once like we were instructed, managing to put the magazine in backwards, and pointing the gun everywhere without muzzle awareness.

I would HIGHLY recommend that experience to anyone. Highly.

My finger didn’t enjoy it much and dammit I wish I had full bodily function when precision is important, but this was probably the closest to military I’d ever get and omg I am confident I can handle a handgun now. Definitely like martial arts, though, where if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’d love to go back whenever I have extra money on hand. My mom would freak if I got my own, but I would like to at some point.

Here is my target!! Only 2 shots outside the A-range in the head area. I am proud. Super proud. That was 49 rounds.



3 thoughts on “A lot has happened.

  1. Ouch! Did you end up getting the stitches?
    I’m still really insecure about my legs. Last week before my volleyball game, a guy said to me “I wish I had your calves. Did you work hard for them?” To which I replied, “No, it’s genetics.” I’m sure he meant it as a compliment but it messed with my confidence a little bit.


    1. I did not get stitches!! It mostly healed on its own…but i ended up ordering a product called Vetbond which is a sort of liquid bandage. It looks scary but I dont need bandaids anymore. Haha yeah. I was watching a video of myself this morning from college time and I was stick legs and stick arms….very unlike now. The wobble every time I take a step is annoying but I stopped thinking about it. Our calves are strong!!


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