Spring Break


Or really, began, by waking up late, leaving late, and then finally starting my fence project. Then I managed to Bleach my face and my hands, ran out of solution, wasted 2 hours wandering around fruitlessly searching for more, came back and OMG the sealing portion took FOREVER. Instant regret, too, for not doing this as soon as the fence guy recommended I do it, because now the wood is so far weathered it will never ever look like it used to unless I replace it. Not to mention the smell of cedar… I managed to go back in time to 4 years ago when the fence was new and good gracious it was gorgeous — absolutely gorgeous — and I remember all the neighbors ogling and complimenting it in the beginning. The weathered cedar look is pretty at the beach, but dang it, it’s not here. I’m also now wondering it I should’ve chosen the cedar CWF instead of the transparent. You’ll find the post on DIYCAT. Yeah I probably should have. Either way it looks better than it did. Really brightens up the property. Now I’m at a standstill, though, because I ran out of the cleaning solution and need more. And of COURSE it is available 50 miles north and 50 miles south, but not in between.

As I was deep into the mind numbing task, the kids were out in full force screaming and playing and riding and laughing all around the neighborhood. It reminded me of my childhood, and it occurred to me that I am an adult and they’re in their own childhoods now. It doesn’t sound like much now that I’m typing it out, but it was an interesting thought. My time 20 years ago was carefree and full of playing and fun on a beautiful spring day, shaping my experiences and memories forever, and now, here’s my experience now, to carry over 20 years into the future. It was kind of like those hall of mirrors where you keep seeing those images within an image within in image, etc. It falls within the same vein as my previous post where I decided I need to just do things even if no one is doing them with me. 20 years in the future what will I want to remember? Me sitting around playing video games when I’m still healthy with no real worries at all? While certainly those aren’t bad memories because I have lots of those as a kid too, I want it to be varied…that I accomplished something with my hands that I can be proud of, that learned this new skill never to be forgotten as long as I live, that I met this person, or went to this place. That I afforded my dogs in their short lives, happiness, companionship, love and adventure. That I didn’t spend it all within the confines of my house, tethered to technology. That my muscles were used and sore, like they were created to be. That I soaked in nature before I can no longer do so without worrying it will kill me.

Carpe that diem, eh? DO IT.

With it, however, is that annoying reality again that I can never truly enjoy things by myself, but honestly I’ve complained so much about it I swear I’ll regret it when it finally comes to me. My dogs love the company of others and I should learn from them. Relationships, like life, is fragile and fleeting. I should understand that by now and not take them for granted. Enjoy them while I have them, squeeze every last minute out the interactions (to a logical sense, of course). If I don’t, it’ll fly by me before I realize it’s gone.

The plan today is our sibling Richmond trip. Then on the way home I’ll pick up some soil, mulch and start doing that. Then tomorrow I have the whole day to do whatever is left over. If I can find the cleaner today down there, I’ll try to finish the back portion of the fence or do what I can. Looks like I can manage about half of the fence line in one day, so it’ll take another 6 days this year to finish up the rest of it. I need to edge around all the plants, dig up my plum tree, move the dying roses, and finish extending the back covered area to kill the grass. That project must be done soon. Then edge the front of it, and eventually order enough mulch to finish it off. Oh and I have to gravel around the drain, and kill off the grass on the edges of the fence to seal it all off. Then figure out what to do around the stepping stones. PHEW!!! Lots of work. I CAN DO IT. I’m sure of it and I have the rest of the year to get it done.

Liana ran around like crazy dog yesterday, as she is wont to do, but it broke my heart when she appeared obviously very tired and possibly with sore muscles. She used to run around like that and more and was never so tired…that along with the white spreading noticeably on her face, and my girl is definitely growing old. She resisted for so long, but I guess that’s what happens when you finally decide you’re happy and content. She no longer has to fear us leaving her and she fully and truly trusts me. That started the end of last year and the progression was evident. Still so full of energy and attitude, my little girl.

OK I guess it’s time to go down and placate my darlings.



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