I’ve decided

— that my life is boring. Sooo I want to spruce it up and do different things, learn new things. That being said, I have to ask my mom so she can take care of my dogs, but when I come back on Wednesday, I’m planning on attending a class on introduction to handguns. It includes class time and range time. I’ve been wanting to do certain things but the problem is always there where I have no one to go with. Then I thought, well, I’ve never had any real problem doing things on my own, why am I hesitating? If no one goes with me, I’ll go by myself. Why should that hold me back? Plus, I’m only getting older, so why not?

Honestly, it’s a bit impulsive considering that I really need to save up money, but as I see and have discussed time and time again, just because someone doesn’t make as much money as others doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy life. You just save in some other fashion that you’re willing to take back some. In thinking about it, I guess that “I don’t have enough money to do X” mentality was forced into my head from a very young age. My dad (as I’ve mentioned repeatedly) has saved up SO MUCH MONEY over the years and when asked about it he says it’s to save for retirement. No matter how many times you remind him that we could all die tomorrow, he doesn’t care. I’m pretty sure even when he retires, he still won’t use it for anything exciting. You should save money and buy within your means, because it’s true that it’s stupid to not think about retirement, but at the same time as far as we know this is the only life we have, so…why not? What’s the point of living then if you can’t enjoy it? Especially with World War 3 looming above us. >_<

Anyways. It’s a hard mentality to break, you know? Especially without tipping the other side of the scale. Similar to the “you’re not allowed to go anywhere, or try anything new, just stay home” mentality. *shudder*

Balancing money and life is FUN.

Also, I can get not a single man to go do a ropes course with me. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE MALES??  I’m sure Gable would if he could.

So the plan today is to meet up with M because my grandparents are insistent upon treating him for his graduation. It’s kind of a bad day because he works his shift tomorrow and dislikes doing anything the day before, but yesterday we couldn’t eat meat. Every year it’s such a PAIN. But it works out as long as he doesn’t stay out too long. He’ll meet us there, that way he can work on his own schedule and we won’t encumber it. So the plan afterwards is to drop off the grandparents and then go shopping for PLANTS. SOIL. MULCH. Beccaaaaaaaaauuuuuuussssseeee it’s SPRINGTIME. Even if it’s  hanging around freezing right now. Supposed to warm up considerably. With all the crazy rain (there was a tornado WARNING in the area on Thursday!!!) my grass is like BOOSH but I’m glad I didn’t deal with it because the temperature dropped so low. I’m supposed to manicure it all today before I head down South Sunday to Wednesday. Tight scheduling!! Which means the week will be over before I know it. >_< that’s how it always is, I guess.

OH speaking of which, I ordered the GrowBox, something that is only advertised with magazines and such, because of the amazing pictures that come with it and indeed we don’t have much of a yard to speak of, nor are we realistically thinking the future will see one in our ownership in the near future. I’m REALLY excited at the prospect of seeing real results this year!!! AAAAND there have been bees and wasps around which bodes well for the season. Last year was a real bummer. We bought 3 as a good deal and will give one to my grandparents. The advertised, customer-taken pictures (which they encourage, btw, it’s even a contest), are really enticing. I was sold. Been sold for about 2 years before buying it. Gable was very interested when I opened the box and Liana wanted the fertilizer bag. Haha. It’s supposed to be super easy and pretty much impossible to mess up. You do nothing but water and their “award-winning” design does the rest. Plus the fertilizer (you have the choice to upgrade to Jobe’s organic fertilizer if you want).


You can see how excited my dogs were.

SO very cold right now.

Bought some impulse games last night: the DLC for Watchdogs 2, and Cities: Skyline on sale from Steam. I’d been looking for a game just like Sim Theme Park (which is unplayable now even though I own it, because I have nothing that runs Windows XP…maybe I should just buy it and install it on my old laptop). Cities IS like Sim Theme Park, but very complicated as it is a city builder. Instantly I did like I used to and used up all of my money to build roads, making it pretty, without thinking about electricity or sewage or anything. It made me laugh! I’m really going to enjoy it. M is really good at influencing me to make impulse buys. Thank you sir. Looks like I’ll be playing that on my time off next week. The Watchdogs DLC I’m pretty sure won’t take long at all to beat.

I had bought Megaman Starforce Leo from eStarland (very difficult to find now, fyi) and played that, so I was trying to play the second game of the series which I already owned and it was amazing how much I didn’t remember about it. I was like…well I definitely remember playing the first game but the first half of the second game definitely NOT. Now I remember why. Mental Block-out. The second Starforce game wasn’t good at ALL. Not only is it slower in battle to the first, but the random encounter rate is absolutely ridiculous, the run away chance is awful (meaning, mettaurs? You’re 3/4 of the way through the game? Nope. Can’t run.), and worse, it’s the SAME freaking bosses from the first game all over again…except combined with slower reaction in battle means I can’t believe I’m down to 1 HP on a boss I know every move for. Also, the text is really boring for some reason, and the kids’ personalities are whiny and terrible. No wonder the Starforce series was a flop after the Battle Network. I’m so glad I was one of the few to give the 3rd and really, last new Megaman game ever a chance because it was freaking awesome. Those games, too, are extremely difficult to find now. I have both. Somewhere.

So happy to have a week off!!!!



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