You want pushups?!?!?!

Use the Power Press Push Up Training System!


…it really works. Well. And it’s sturdy too. I seem to remember having posted about this before, but I pulled it out again last night since I didn’t feel like going into the basement and DANGIT I could barely do 4 in each of the different workouts….in modified push-up position mind you!

I won’t start my male vs. female push up difference rant right now.

Anyways my muscles this morning feel BIG haha! Gooooooooooooooooood feeeeeeeelingggggggg.

My mood has been up and down and up down and up and down. Fun stuff.

Spring is always so glorious when it’s beautiful out and then ACHOO!! WAACHOOO!

Must admit I’ve been really lazy about going out to do anything this year. That will allll change starting this Friday…weather permitting. I’ll know more about what I’m doing come Thursday.

Until then I need to PUSH UP and go to work. Mon-Thursday this week, and then SPRING BREAK. If only I can stop yawning…Last night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while.


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