Monday again

…and once again I have to go to worrrrk….blaaauuugghhh

So my stingray post is still extremely popular on my blog, snagging me 60 views in the past week which is rather average. It tends to spike in the warmer months when people head off to the beach. Honestly, I’d still rather not have it on this particular blog because the increased popularity brings more followers than I’d like (hence my move to paper journal for more serious things, and I realize that there are always so many more “silent” viewers than the “outloud” ones), but what can I do? Oh well.

Speaking of which, I have a new post for my DIY blog. Must remember to do that, but for whatever reason, whenever I try to import pictures from my phone to my computer, it will import about 10% of the ones I chose and then ignore the rest. For a later time. Just like paying my bills >_<

I had a shorter weekend, so what did I do? The biggest excitement was that on Saturday I got to finally donate blood!!! Didn’t get to sleep in at all (after some horribly obnoxious realistic dreams) but it’s OK because I wanted to get up early so I could go. Red Cross was offering it at my church so I figure there’s no real excuse! I honestly and truly have been wanting to do this forever…always regretted not doing it in college or in hygiene school, but each time there was an excuse like, no one will do it with me or like I had to take the bus home and didn’t want to pass out. My blood pressure usually runs a little low (on Saturday it was 100/70). These days, having no one to really rely on or hang out with, I realize that I don’t have to wait for anyone to do things with me and I am perfectly fine doing things on my own, so off I went. Plus, no one was going to be up that early. I showed up as the only walk-in and the process was very simple and straightforward (pulse 80bpm, clotting at 13.2), answered a few questions and onto the chair/bed I went. She had a hard time making the vein plump up on my left arm (because my right one is never used anymore ever since around my 3rd molar extraction time), so by the time the needle was put in my blood was like POOF all over the place. Not only that but it was slow coming. Took longer than the other guy who came in after me. I learned, while sitting there reading my scientific magazine, that the usual donors don’t come around anymore and that they really do need more donors. I was the only one under 40 there. They seemed happy to have a young person come through and the girl was trying to advertise different places for me to donate.

To my immense surprise and happiness I didn’t suffer any hypotension after it was over! That had been one of my long-standing fears since my blood pressure (used to) sit low regularly. I still went and drank more water and took a bag of raisins but it was great. Honestly I think my increased habit of weight lifting and general rise in healthy living has something to do with it. Plus, ever since my resting pulse rate tanked to a “normal” 80bpm (meaning my superhuman metabolism died) from around 107bpm, I’ve realized that I’m old…mature. I guess I’m no longer special. My heydays are gone and done. I realized lately that my time to shine is over. My brain no longer is special and my body can no longer stand like it used to. My how fleeting youth is….haha. I might not age well. 


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