Is Everyone bored?

Facebook lately has been extremely boring with no new posts, no activity. Nothing being hyped up on the news, no one really caring about much, no real traffic, no new music, no good movies, just nothing. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. The less news, the better things really are. I just get an overall feeling of everyone’s-seen-it-all-nothing-is-interesting. Personally, I’m really sleepy today. Even the gray sky today is making it all rather dull and dreary. The dogs weren’t overly excited to get up today either.

Let’s see…tomorrow I’m planning on trying to give blood at the Red Cross blood drive at church. That means that today I need to drink lots of water and try to eat healthily. If I’m feeling under the weather tomorrow then I can’t go. Allergies haven’t been too bad either. Bluh. Was just looking it up and the hours a bit limited and I think people have already signed up for it. Apparently I’m allowed to just walk in, but I probably will have to wait. They operate from 7am to 12:30! Goodness that’s early. I’ve been wanting to do this forever, so I hope it’ll work out.

This weekend is another 2 day weekend for me where I’ll be working on Monday. Blarb. Originally I was supposed to do this to recoup the financial losses from Gable for at least 2 months, but after last week of doing it, I remember why I don’t work 40 hours a week doing hygiene. So unless it is needed or I’m asked, the extra Monday hours will stop. I guess I’d be OK doing it once a month, but holy cow I hate it. If I wanted to work extra it’d have to be in a completely different capacity.

In 2 more weeks it will be the start of Spring Break! WHoo!!! I haven’t had spring break in forever!! haha! Except that I’m not doing anything special besides yardwork weather permitting. My brother and I are planning a back-to-Richmond excursion now that my car feels like new again. I don’t know why Kroger fried chicken has me craving it so horribly! Other than that, just some relaxing and hopefully getting the dogs out and about to some trails and off to run and stuff. All weather permitting of course. If not, then I’ll try to find something to do. :)

Happy Friday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Is Everyone bored?

  1. Yayyy! Enjoy Richmond! Let me know if you need any suggestions for food. There have been a lot of cool places that recently opened :)


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