I was hoping it would be Friday. It felt like Thursday yesterday…and it wasn’t just me who felt that way! It’s amazing how just having college away at spring break on alternating schedules clears out traffic here. At least that’s the conclusion I came to about reduced traffic…college spring break or cold weather because we’re back at cold weather. You know, it’s funny, I am a big fan of cold weather. I like it. I was born in February and I love snow. However, this year I am done with it. Blame it on the Spring weather teasing we had in February, but I’m ready for it to just make up its mind.

I continue to have trouble sleeping at night. Gotta figure out what’s causing it or how to solve it. The other night I realized that eating curry/spicy/fatty foods always keep me awake due to acid/reflux, so that explains that. I seem to sleep well every couple of days but usually after incurring so much sleep debt my body has no other choice. Mulling over major stressful problem is another big sleep deterrent. Then there are lights in the house. You know, I used to be able to sleep through anything: lights, noise, etc, but now I am the world’s lightest sleeper. I solved my bed problem, so it’s not that. Heat is another surefire issue. When my hair is “long” I CAN’T SLEEP. I end up sweating at night, but if I push away my blankets it’s much too cold. I can’t seem to win. They say that working out at night is not a good idea, screen time at night isn’t a good idea as they both interrupt sleep, but workout or reading a book before bed doesn’t seem to improve it for me. I wonder if I switch back to my other room, it’ll help…and working out in the morning is impossible for me given that I live with other people. Taking a shower before bed might help, but then I’d go through underwear and soap at double the rate, and you know how much I love doing laundry. I’m sitting here thinking that if I live on my own it might be less of a problem, but I somehow doubt that.

Actually, I was thinking last evening about living on my own again and given how much I interact with my family when I come home, I think I’ll be sad to come home to no one, or be unable to interact the way I’ve done my whole life. And how do I interact? It depends on the day, really, but there are happy and unhappy days. Either way ever since I owned dogs, I’ve been able to leave most of my bad mood at the door. They’ve taught me how unfair it is to yell and drag a negative mood to those who don’t deserve it. They only love me and are unbelievably excited to see when I come home. Furthermore when Gable didn’t greet my arrival home during his recuperating month, it was very sad. At least Liana was there to happily greet me in his place, but I missed severely his over the top excitement for walkies and just to see me. Then after my venting via obligatory dog walk, I come in, change and proceed to either vent loudly about work and bad drivers, or loudly exclaim my excitement to be home. Some days I’m super tired or still moody so I just plop in front of the TV. Not having to cook dinner is great. If I do, then I wander in to do so because dogs gotta eat. If it was purely just me I might not altogether given the day and just chill out on the couch unwinding, but things have to get done.

There are things I want and things I’ll miss. Oh well. I’M LATE.


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