Man it feels great! My car, I mean. Brought it to a dealer for 3 fluid flushes, inspection, emissions and a wiper motor recall. They had to keep it overnight which left me with a loaner 2017 Outback with Eyesight technology. It was fun to drive around with a different car and while I always thought I’d hate the sensor tech on cars (it even has an indicator to tell you when the car in front has moved just in case you werent paying attention!) I didn’t mind it as much as I thought. I mean it’s a bit annoying with the beeping especially when I was driving angry but you always have the option to turn off specific aspects of the sensing…and I guess a deterrent to my aggressive driving is a plus. Bluh. I just didnt like the transmission, the tires suck (Bridgestone Duelers OEM) and I prefer my own aftermarket brakes. Sat through about 1.5 hours of traffic but I finally got my baby back!!! Hundreds of dollars later. But it was worth it!!! I was totally right about these flushes being necessary. Differentials feel so good, brakes are more responsive and the steering is oh so smooth. :} The diffs made the most difference to me. Totally worth it. 

And after driving a newer, nicer car with lots more tech and bells/whistles to male my life quieter, smoother, less aggressive aka peaceful, and more convenient…I am so happy to have my car back. It’s akin to (but nowhere close) having Gable back after surgery. When they told me they needed to keep it overnight it bothered me and I found myself thinking about my car most of the next day. I love this car and unless something awful happens to it I dont plan on giving it up in the near future.

If only dogs were so easy to fix and keep for years to come.


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