OK Ok….

…I promise I’ll try not to be so whiny all the time. And yet…this IS my personal blog so don’t I have the right to be whiny? I realize that it doesn’t work for everyone, but for me venting makes everything better. Once it’s down on paper or typed out (paper is the best), it’s out of my mind and I can focus on something else. That’s been part of my channeling method for the vast majority of my life. When something is so massive that I can’t rid myself of it via paper writing, then it might require physical exertion or even music or the power of puppies to solve.

Anyways…something not about my life.

One thing I’ve noticed about technology is that aside from it making our lives so much more convenient and quick, is the major downside of destroying fundamental trust. Texting is so easy that we turn to it as opposed to talking despite it being extremely impersonal. Writing a blurb about my own opinions and thoughts no matter how venomous or scathing or offensive is as easy as taking a general statement, misconstruing the intent and becoming offended myself. There is no body language or tone to judge off of, so miscommunication is prevalent. That breeds mistrust. It used to be, without cellphones, that when a large group went somewhere like an amusement park or a mall, that you’d split up and meet back at a designated time. Now you don’t have to because you have your cell phone and so instead of enjoying your time, you’re worrying about the other people and call/text and without hearing a reply start to panic, when they’re probably just enjoying the rides or perusing. Even as a parent you give your child a phone and instead of trusting your kid, you track their GPS or text them in the meantime or call to ask  WHERE ARE YOU. While it affords peace of mind and overall safety, both parties spend more time stressing (on one end anxiety for safety and the other irritation of the invisible overbearing presence). Trust that your child overall is safe with so and so, that they will make good decisions hopefully, and that your parents trust you enough to let you go somewhere. On top of it all you have fake news, or jaded/conflicting reports and there yet again is mistrust (though media has probably always been jaded. It’s just more noticeable now. Then again even the internet is skewed depending on where you look). You couldn’t totally trust strangers in the low-tech past, but you certainly can trust online entities less. The king of the crop for me is that you mistrust even yourself. I trust myself less now in my knowledge (looking it up is super easy so it’s a crutch. Who needs to remember numbers or info?), I trust myself less in my lifestyle (being exposed to everyone else’s more glamourous ones), and I sometimes I trust my own ideals less. Indeed the downfall of religion can be easily attributed to the internet.

While more and instant information exists readily at the fingertips, the mere fact that it does, accomplishes the opposite of logically making everyone supremely knowledgeable and intelligent. We’ve (with me included) become accustomed to allowing the internet and phones to hold our knowledge for us so that we don’t have to…just like your body will conserve energy by relying on shortcuts or outside influences such as lip balm or drugs. Things I used to remember I have no real need to know. It’s harder to be far from the world wide web or wi-fi than close to it. What does Wi-Fi  stand for anyways? I swear I used to know. Wireless something.

Not to bash technology altogether, though. I mean, it would be rather hard to live without it. Try going a day without your phone and see what I mean. Without technology my workplace comes to a complete halt. I don’t know if I remember how to hand-chart existing restorations. Microwaves, TV, calendars, email, keyless car entry, security systems. Yowza.

If all of the sudden  technology such as internet and phones stopped working, I think the best off of the population would be the elderly and kids. The elderly because much of their lives were spent without these newfangled doohickeys and my older patients know how to sit still and wait. Kids would balk at first, but kids are so adaptable they would probably just shrug and find something to do. Quick on the uptake. I would sit there bored out of my mind again until finally buckling down and finding a person to hang out with. Without technology we’d go find each other and talk, laugh, bicker and do fun things. Instead we just sit together in front of the TV, on our own phones. When I leave one screen, I usually go to a different part of the house and jump on a different screen. Like this one. Without these screens I’m lost. My book is good but after that? It’s winter so I can’t get into the garden. I already walked my doggies, play with the doggies. I guess I could go play music, or try to draw some more, or think about project aowam for once. Or I could wallow in self pity.  I guess that’s an option too, but not a fun one.

I have no idea where I’m going with all of this. Just more brain diarrhea. :) You’re welcome.


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