Wasn’t Going to Complain

But. It’s not fair. What’s not fair again, you ask? Another incongruity in your  life? I was super excited to get the Switch and Zelda BoTW. I preordered both and bought them. Now I have to pay for them with money I thought I had but didn’t. Now, I don’t even get a chance to play them. Every day I come home, he’s on it. After dinner, he’s on it. I always get home later. Last weekend, he got up early every day of his 4 day weekend to play it. Today, my Saturday, I went down to eat breakfast after some online errands, planning on getting some Zelda time in. Nope. Here he comes, and on he goes. He’s dressed to go somewhere and so I ask why isn’t he going somewhere and he says, “eh I’m just thinking about it.” At least he showered this time, I guess. I am once again in my room. The creative juice has dissolved from my head and my hands. What I really wanted to do was go to the Super Pet Expo going on right now, but I can’t for financial reasons, so I thought I’d get some quality Zelda time in. He started several hours of gameplay after me and now is half way through the game. Yesterday he goes, “did you get to so and so place yet?” And I say, “Well, considering I haven’t actually been playing…” and he acts like he JUST realized that wow that’s right, she hasn’t been playing at all because I’ve been playing the whole time.

I’m actually contemplating buying Ghost Recon for XBOX but wait, that’s money and also, that requires the TV. D’OH!  The hope, of course, is that one day he’ll finally realize that when people visit they don’t want to watch him play video games. I technically could play Tales of Berseria which has taken a major backseat to Zelda, but that requires me to go down and get a controller and I don’t want to be down there to see that he is yet again playing. Actually l2 weekends ago when I was playing happily by myself, he comes up rather early for a weekend and proceeds to bash my playing skills. I told him to shut up so he leaves in a huff and it’s just now that I realize he was being petulant because he wanted to play but I was playing. Reminds me of him when we were small. He’d do the same thing because how dare I be playing when he was clearly the better player and therefore should be playing. Then of course my mom would have to get involved and make me let him play. WTH.

Anyhoos. My insurance is pretty cool. I get money for watching a 5 minute video and now they have a new program where I can link my grocery card and it tracks what I buy, giving me more savings and also incentives for buying healthy foods. Since I eat rather healthily anyways (aside from the fry cravings and snacks which I shouldn’t be buying but have because it’s winter and I can) it’s a win-win for me.  In that field This week I successfully completed 2 exercise days on schedule so making the 3rd one today a go is going to be great! Upper body feeling tight and healthy. Now just have to break out DDR again because the fat is building up once more. Cardio health is suffering and I feel majorly heavy.

Now what to do…let’s see if I can manage to draw anything right now.

Money is not to be saved this year at all. Car service coming up on Monday is going to be around the $600 mark. License renewal. Then fixing up the other house to sell. Toilet fix at this house.

Also it’s super boring to not be able to do anything fun by bottlenecking my money spending. Everything costs money. Everything. That on top of lack of people to do things with. I mean, I’m pretty individualistic to begin with so I don’t mind going to events by myself, but you know how it is.


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