soooo cooooold

Ya I’m being whiny in the midst of all this hard packed ice and wind. For someone who normally loves cold weather, this is not that fun mostly because my body is ready for spring and has been prepped for it. The biggest down is that the time change has me so tired in the mornings which is silly because before it I was up every day like clockwork around 5 and easily up by 6 (which is 7 now). These days I’m unable to get up and it’s one of the worst feelings for a morning person!!! Either it’s the cold weather making me like this or I’m just getting old and my body is used to my later-waking-lifestyle.

Spent the night scaling dog teeth because they needed it, especially Liana, but what I really need to do is finish the last 8 credits of CE courses so I can renew and be done with it. Tonight will be weights again, so hopefully I’ll be pumped afterwards and get one course done. Even half a course is fine. It’s funny Liana used to be the really bad patient here, but it’s like they’ve flip flopped as Gable has gotten old and crotchety. They still build up the same amount of calc they always have and their tissues react as they always have, but their tolerance! Maybe Gable’s finally doing the male thing? He’s fine at first until it goes on too long and he freaks out. After I was done with him, I went into the kitchen to wash my hands so they both follow me. Going back so I could start on Liana, Gable immediately hops onto his LLBean bed while Liana, who was originally lying on the LLBean bed comes over to the bed Gable was lying on and proceeds to lay down like it was the examination bed! Was she waiting her turn? haha! She is so adorable!

My dogs are interesting. People respond predictably to them when they first meet them.

  1. Upon seeing the 2 of them, everyone is drawn to Gable because he’s big and pretty while Liana stands there, all black and overlooked.
  2. After a little while of knowing them, people realize that Liana is actually the adorable one because Gable is mine and he cares little for other dogs and he’s not very cuddly. She’s soft, somewhat chunky and loves people. He’ll go lay down and stare at you. Suddenly people love Liana more.
  3.  After a little more time, while Liana is the adorable little bear girl, you find that her energy level is crazy and she gets destructive. On top of it all she’s extremely food picky and stubborn to boot. Around now it becomes clear that she does not trust people…especially new people.
  4. Time for person to leave and as they prepare to do so, Gable is the only one who cares enough to get up and see them off. Liana will lay on the bed and do a dog shrug leaving person confused as to which dog they like better

What these people don’t realize is that you shouldn’t play favorites. These two balance each other out like yin and yang. And the overarching takeaway here is that they are loyal to me. I keep saying that because it’s true. There are plenty of dogs out there that don’t view their owners in high esteem for a variety of reasons and would probably run away or leave with another person they deem more worthy of their loyalty. Compared to the people my dogs have met in life, they don’t seem to want anyone else but me at this point. Unless someone like Cesar Millan shows up and steals them from me. haha. When you watch their interaction with my mom and brother, you’ll see what I mean. Especially to Liana, the alpha of the 2, my mom and brother are buddies. She doesn’t view them higher than me (that’s good for me and how it should be) and react to them differently. She manipulates my mom for good food and begs, no, expects, food from my brother.

It took me 3 long years to earn her trust and that’s the best present she could give me. In return I listen to her and give her the best I can to not betray that loyalty we worked so hard to achieve together. Gable was mine from the very beginning. He’s my boy. Easy and first owner, so no drama. I persisted with him too, through his myriad of health ailments (ALL MONEY OMG). Such different dogs with different personalities and stories. Proves to me that my true passion really is animal rehabilitation. Wildlife rehab was my true passion in life, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it there…definitely not now. So I’ll settle with making a difference in the lives of other animals.



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