…but not a snow day T-T… work is still open!!! And we got much less snow than they originally were predicting. Bluh. I mean, that’s better for me because I’ll get paid more, but sigh. Oh, that reminds me to call Brown Subaru to schedule an appointment to have my car done next Monday. Lemme check the weather…normal. The snow we got today is still pretty, but what’s accumulated is snow, slush and ice. There’s water underneath the snow and a harder layer of ice on top. When I step on it I don’t sink to dirt. It just step on packed snow. The road is a big layer of slushy snow right now which means…..ICE tonight. Like pure ice. If it melts and then freezes over…oh boy. Snow is one thing, but ice is another. When I used to live further south, it was less snow and more ice. Always a disaster. This area I’m in now is used to snow but not ice. The trees, powerlines and all are NOT prepared for ice or hurricanes or anything else power-killer.

Oh well. I guess I’m happy with just the fact that we had snow this year. Not only that, but I had wished for 6 inches of snow and I think that’s about how much we’re going to get. Why don’t I ever wish for the jackpot or something?

M was over last night (just happened my mom was working!) and it was wholly enjoyable having him over. I had him tucked into bed and all, then he came down to say that the Fire Academy had cancelled class!! Crazy stuff, I was like what?? That’s nuts. So he went home so he wouldn’t get stuck here, but will be back tonight because I think the ice problem is gonna be bad. Even if it’s not, I feel much better having him here and less chance of dying on the way to make his career happen.

OK, going to call Subaru, eat some food and then go clear off the car so I can go brave it. Not concerned with getting there, just bummed I have to even go…and worse: get back home. Ugh. Maybe I’ll get out early? Sigh.


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