Bite Pressure

I had to work today because the snow wasn’t anywhere near what they had advertised. Bluh. I guess it’s for the better, but I wanted a snooowww daaaay. Plus I am very sleepy and my week is thrown off because I worked yesterday. I worked out tonight despite being so sleepy! I loved having M over, but when my routine gets thrown off like that, it’s just excuse-fuel. He was going to come over today just in case of ice, but the roads are pretty clear. There will be ice tomorrow, but hopefully not too bad.

Let’s stray from my recent ranty posts.

Today, I realized something interesting about myself…so when I floss my patients’ teeth, for some reason there are a percentage of people who feel that it’s helpful if they bite on my fingers–not just bite either, grind on them too. For several years I found it to be extremely annoying and uncomfortable, not to mention a hindrance. Today, I had another one, and I’m used to it by now so I don’t pay it much mind, buuuuut…once it was over, I found myself missing it. That’s when I realized…that I like it. Wow. I’ve gone from loathing it to loving it. I mean…I’ve always been a bit of a masochist and I certainly don’t mind a little pain. I play rough which means I should be able to take tough. Muscle pain from working out? yessss. Remember that game we used to play as kids? Strawberry Patch? I liked that too. And the flicking game. Jump rope welts? All yes. They hurt, but not in a horribly bad way… SoooOOOOoooOOooooOooooOooo…I’m eating dinner and I start thinking about it, which leads me to trying it out. I pick a finger, then another, to test my theory out. Different pressures on consecutive fingers. OMG. More, please. Patient’s never know they’re doing it which is why I don’t make a big deal, which means they’re conscious of not biting my fingers off. That means it’s just enough pressure to not hurt. There’s the climax pressure!

Accupressure, much?

Kind of creepy. Someone bite me. Just enough to not make it hurt.


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