It’s been weird having a regular weekend and knowing I’m supposedly going into a 5 day work week. Took the dogs out to the park, ran all my errands yesterday (also spent about $400 on food and other stuff. THIS is why I stopped going to Target!!! Some of it was stuff I needed, though, so I’m not too upset about it, plus presents) and still made it home by 1pm! It was like a blast from the past when we used to try and run all the errands and groceries on Saturday and try to get home around 1-2pm so that we’d have Sunday to relax. It’s not a bad feeling to be just like most of the workforce. I certainly could get used to it, it’s just that I like being able to live my life too. Then again, I’ve always been a readily adaptable person, and so unless it pushes me too too hard, it’s just like, whatever, I’ll adjust. Why not. Sit there and cry about? Stress about it? Why? Won’t change anything and won’t make it easier to deal with. Venting is one thing, but you still gotta do it, so vent and go and try to make life less miserable for everyone around you. It has a bonus of making YOU less stressed about it too. Remember? It’s all in  mindset. You think it sucks, then it sucks. You think that subject is hard and you’ll never understand it? Then it shall be so. That’s the trick to school and the trick to life, folks.

How’d I get on that tangent.

Anyways, because of the “major” snowstorm everyone’s been railing about coming Monday night and into Tuesday and even Wednesday now (the amounts and severity keeps changing…though I’m not sure why I expected otherwise) means that M will more than likely be staying over Monday night and possibly Tuesday since they have to come in no matter what (makes sense). I’m sure my mom is like, guh, again, though seriously she needs to just chill about it because I don’t get why it’s such a big deal…another reason I need to get my own place: that way she doesn’t have to know and doesn’t have to worry. I keep countering her when she gets really obnoxious about things like that with, “Well, do you know what I did in college? No? Would you like to? No?” or “See, this is why I don’t tell you anything about what I’m doing or where I’m going. If I don’t tell you, you won’t know and won’t complain about it. If I tell you then you freak out. I’m pretty sure I’m old enough now to make my own decisions and accept the consequences. In fact I was old enough almost half my life ago.” Whatever.

What that means, though, is that I now have to clean things up around the house. =_= However, it works out OK because my brother stayed up all night playing Zelda and woke up really early so that when I came home from my walk (ironically thinking about playing Zelda myself), I was greeted with the annoying fact that he was yet again playing it. He’s been home since Friday and has tomorrow off and doesn’t go into work on Tuesday…so. Yeah. This, is yet another reason why I need my own place. I can stand living with people when they’re not always present and in my face. I depend on the routines and schedules that allow me to work around people in order to balance my alone time with my social time. My mom’s work schedule being as it is right now where she’s not working nights anymore and indeed working less days means she’s always home at night. My brother finally went into work more which allowed me more time on Mondays. He used to choose Monday to stay home and I encouraged him to choose a different day, so thankfully he chose Tuesdays instead. My mom usually works nights on Mondays which then affords me about 1.5 hours to be alone until my brother yet again comes home. He also used to hang out in his room most of the time except now he doesn’t anymore. I guess his online girlfriend or online friends all got lives or something. Which then makes it even MORE awkward and annoying when M comes over to visit because he’s  always there and has no clue that he needs to go away.

More ranting, I see, my goodness. Because he’s down there and I don’t want to deal with him the first half of the day (wait, it’s DST too, why was he up so early), it gives me and excuse to be up here cleaning in prep for M, and not eating breakfast (D:). Though I guess I should start the laundry process, let me wait a little while longer on that, while I pay even more bills and maybe getting some sketching in and also finishing up that CE I was unable to get through from my last post because like clockwork, my emotions were emotioning up a storm. Which reminds me I need to send that e-mail.

Also, the Chickfila cookie is AMAZING.


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