Spring is NIGH

Except it feels more like winter right now, and with snow in the forecast for the weekend…

This Sunday is Daylight Savings Time! Bluh. Seriously they need to do away with the time changes. WHY. Messes everyone up. Only nice thing about DST is that I get to go home earlier and have more of an evening. AAAND yes it’s true that I’ve been waking up earlier anyways since I get up with the sun, not mankind’s interpretation of standard time. Still. My dogs will be happier.

Of course, I work on Monday, the first of 2 Monday stints I’m working for a total of 12 extra hours this month. Originally I meant to do it for 2 months to help recoup my finances after Gable, but now that I’m getting ready to work these Mondays, I’m dreading it. If it was just me and the normal coworkers, I’d be perfectly fine! Instead I have to deal with IDIOT. I HATE HER. Maybe hate is a strong word. I don’t hate HER per se, but I monumentally loathe working and being in her presence. It messes with my ability to provide my patients with top quality care because I spend my Thursdays and Fridays mad and irritated. If I was at the other end of the office or she wasn’t sitting next to me it’d be a different story because I could manage that, but alas that is not the case. She’s been here for 3 years now and she acts like every day is her first day as a hygienist…while telling everyone she’s been doing this for 27 years or whatever. The number keeps changing. Incompetent. Inefficient. Idiotic. Impossible to ignore. That’s what everyone tells me but I have zero choice in the matter.

I’m going to get an aneurysm some day.

I’ve thought again about the 40 hour a week thing. I never wanted to do that which is why I got this job for that flexibility, but right now that would be the only way out of my predicament where I’m hemmed in on all sides with no possible way out. Honestly compared to most of the world and my colleagues I work not much at all. I’m a bum. When I used to do it man I was rolling in cash. But I was also always tired. Making almost double what I make now (which is already ample) would make it financially possible for me to be able to afford anything I could ever want because let’s face it I’m not getting any younger. However WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT. I had it all worked out, financially set to be able to afford my relaxed way of life, to me, the key to happiness and a successful life while still being able to save up for retirement. I’ve waited several years now for it all to change. Now when I thought things were about to be ready for me to move on, it gets cut short AGAIN. WHY DO I CONTINUE TO HAVE TO BE BLOCKED AND NOT ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH WHAT I WANT. Always waiting for someone to do this or do that. This is why I hate relying on people. No one is ever reliable like myself. There have been many opportunities for me that I have been unable to pursue because I am NOT free to do as I wish.



2 thoughts on “Spring is NIGH

  1. It’s really too bad we have to be self-reliant when it comes to, well, basically everything in life. There’s a fair deal of luck involved too. And timing, which are things out of our control. But I’m a firm believer that some things happen for a reason. Not to say that we should just sit back and let the universe decide our fates, but it has a way of pushing us towards the right direction. We just have to be smart about planning the next steps and taking hints. Knowing the right people helps too.


    1. I, too, believe that things happen for a reason. The hardest part is trying to read that fine line between waiting and making that ball roll. Sometimes I’m too hasty and other times I wish I’d done it sooner.


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