Nintendo Switch, Zelda, Planting Onions

Aaaaaand that was my weekend. My sister came to visit on Friday night and it turns out that I’m… aunt. Officially. My niece/nephew will arrive in August. We were throwing around names and I decided I like the name Zephyr. Could apply to either boy or girl and is adorable. Zephyr, the west wind and also the gentle, warm wind. Vesper is cute too, but more girly. We were trying to come up with a good middle name, but will need the help of  grandparents for that.

The Switch is pretty cool. Very versatile. Even though Zelda is pretty much the only game for it right now, it doesn’t matter because Zelda BoTW is SO FREAKING HUGE. Like MASSIVE. The more I play it, the more I realize it’s like every major Zelda game in one. It pulls from them all: Ocarina, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword… I swear the moon looks like the one from Majora’s Mask too! Eldin, Lanaryu, Temple of Time… I made it finally to the first official dungeon, the elephant divine beast and WOW and interactive level??? Holy mackerel. Most of my time is being spent finding everything and side quests and everything that makes a game like this worth playing. It was everything I wanted Twilight Princess to be. Alongside the side quests and shrines, they have a camera with collectible pictures in the Compendium. You want a completionist gamer to never stop playing??? There you go. Easily 100 hours in this game guaranteed. I was playing round the clock Saturday and Sunday and half the day today and I only made it past the first major dungeon. Barely even breached the entire map.

Other things I’ve been doing are: not working out (always some excuse…it’s easiest to work out on days that I go to work, I’ve found), reading the first Assassin’s Creed book my brother got me for my birthday (having played the game it is great to go through it again in word and mental images this time), and loving my dogs. Gable had a big problem with his foot yesterday so I finally went to look at it and one of the stitches isn’t absorbing right. It was reallllly bothering him too so I started pulling it. The tissue around the stitch was all purple. A part of it broke off and I managed to pull it further out. Couldn’t figure out if I needed to snip a knot or not (haaa) because it started bleeding everywhere, so I left it, put a topical antibiotic on it and wrapped it for a few hours. He has been licking it less and less, so it’s been healing (great news!!) but today marks the first day that he really doesn’t care to lick it. Only when he’s bored and has nothing better to do. Got a good look at it while he was outside (this townhouse is so DARK) and the purple is gone. Will probably have to get to the vet again at some point if it flares up again, but hopefully not. I am done with vets for a little while.

Work has been crazy so it felt good to veg out all weekend long. So stressful. Not to mention stresses of life too…I dunno man. When will things start to work out for me?

I guess I’ll keep plodding along here.


6 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch, Zelda, Planting Onions

  1. Ahhhh I still need to play BoTW!! I’ve also noticed that certain elements (the good ones) from each of the games gets iterated into the next. It’s been taking me a huge amount of self control to not watch people livestream it.


    1. haha! Don’t give in!!! Play it yourself!!! I try reallllllly hard not to get any info about any game before I play it lest my judgment be jaded in any way. I want a surprise! And this is an amaaaaaaazing one.


      1. My friend who’s already beaten the game keeps sending me links to spoilers and I have to customize my feed so my phone doesn’t keep tempting me with play-throughs!!


        1. Thats crazy. My brother started playing after me and he’s already got the master sword. In the meantime im still busy exploring the map for everything its got. This game has so much yo offer even if you beat the story you havent truly beaten it until you finish the unbelievable amount of side quests/collecting


  2. Me too!!!! I usually will beat everything I possibly can before even attempting bosses/dungeons…which means I’m typically over leveled for a particular place


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