Gable stitches

AAAaaaaand they’re OUT!  WHooooooo! Skedaddled out of work yesterday as quickly as I could, blasted through their walk (much to the chagrin of Liana), called and then sat in awesome traffic before arriving. The same receptionist that helped me when we first came was super excited to hear that we were coming. Dr. Henderson had told me he’d become a bit of a celebrity there, and it’s true. As soon as I arrived she was like AHHHH and that there was someone in the back who is excited to see him (Dr. H, no doubt). They took him to the back and came back up to tell me that he had instantly run right up to her and did the greyhound lean. She came up soon thereafter to talk to me, and I was reminded how warm and caring she was (although a bit kooky but hey, nothing wrong with that). No wonder Gable took to her. Everything looked good besides 2 ulcerative lesions and that it looked a bit inflamed (he’d been busy licking it any chance he got). There are also some small interior stitches that will dissolve but she didn’t want to go digging for them. She then left and I didn’t get a chance to thank her because for some reason I thought she’d come back. They gave me a powder to put on his foot with an anesthetic and to dry it out. When the front desk girl that helped us initially was leaving her shift, she stopped by to tell me that everyone was really worried about him. I was able to thank her for everything, but her comment confirmed everything I thought was happening behind the scenes (my people reading skills are still going strong!! whoo).

My regular vet, Dr. H, everyone was very worried about the bleeding, but being professional about it all. I, myself, am not a squeamish person really at all and I was about freaking out at the amount of blood. I didn’t do the surgery, though, so I don’t know the full extent, just basing things off the doctor and staff. It doesn’t sound like much at all when I describe it to other people…no one (not even the next ER vet there!) knew the complexity of what it was like. She really was worried about him and I wanted very much to give her that closure that a lot of ER physicians and surgeons are unable to get afterwards. Her face upon seeing him come in would have been priceless and I’m sure it made her day. For people that see a lot of pain and suffering, it’s great to be able to see the happy too.

I’m glad to be able to have him around for a few years longer, and I’m hoping I won’t have to go back for the final goodbye…if I do, I hope it’s on a Wednesday. I told Liana if she were to do something, make it on a Wednesday, please.


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