Post Valentine’s

And I don’t think I wrote a post about the weekend but now I only have 10 minutes to do this because I want to go down and make pancakes for breakfast.

Today I need to leave work as early as possible because I’m taking Gable to get his stitches out. There have been a couple times he’s bonked it so hard it bleeds everywhere, but overall I think it’s fine. I feel like the stitches themselves are getting in the way and every time he tries to stretch it, the stitches are hindering his movement and boom it pulls and bleeds. Most other habits of his are doing well. He’s coming in on his own for food, he remembers routines, he comes running (hobbling) when it’s time for walkies. So far the only things left are greeting me at the door and not playing with his toys, but I got him to play a little bit yesterday.

This past Saturday saw us heading down South for a day and night of no one but me and the dogs. He had no problems at all getting in and out of the car which surprised me and made me think about what he’s been manipulating us into thinking in the house. Anyways, apparently the trip, the drive, the travel, the alone-time at my own house is exactly what I needed because I had been grouchy and crabby and restless for a while now. It wasn’t enough either, but it was what I needed. Liana was like, NOOOOOOO why are we LEAAVVINGGGGGG. She thought we were on vacation for a few days. Poor girl. Had the best night’s sleep when I came back from it. I hadn’t been able to sleep for weeks.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. It is our second and this year he couldn’t come see me, but he sent me flowers, a bear and chocolates. This is the second time in my life I’ve ever received flowers. I don’t even care that much about flowers, but it made me so happy. I wanted nothing more than to have him there by my side so that I didn’t have to call and thank him, but I’ll take it.

Still wishing I was able to have my own place…giving up on my detached home dream though, because a townhome is the only thing I can get within my budget unless I want to live in Manassas…and I’d rather hang around Centreville or Chantilly.

In other news I finally got back into workout because my stomach flab is coming back and my chin flab is too. I don’t know why every month there has to be something that gets in the way.

Every time I think of what I’m going to do post-dogs, I feel guilty, because I could have lost Gable and having just one dog in the house is very sad. I know they’re inconvenient and while other people are out doing whatever unhindered, I’m tied down by them. Actually I’m tied down by so many things. But I made that decision and now it’s my decision to take care of. It’s not impossible to go do things, but they ARE my responsibility and Gable is such that I can’t just get up and leave for a few days. I think I could leave Liana for a few nights but his attachment level is way too high…plus my family’s schedules are not regular.

I’ll just keep plugging along like I promised I would and try hard not to think bad thoughts about things. Everyone goes at different paces. Patience.

2 minutes over! 3. Time to go make strawberry pancakes.



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