After several days of 60 and 70 degree weather in the dead of winter, it’s back down past freezing! What??? Aaaand only to go up again. Good time of year to get sick! And to those naysayers of global warming: there you go. It’s scary. I don’t like it. Plus, I like winter conditions during winter. Give me a good snow, but I don’t think we’re going to get one this year.

I’ve decided to forgo the vet on Saturday (they recommended I come back in and see them to re-evaluate the foot) because 1) I forgot to make the appointment and Saturday appointments suck, 2) I don’t wish to spend any more money than I have to; and 3)I look at his foot every day and he’s doing much better. Instead, I want to try and make it to the other house finally for my little girl to run, to deal with property stuff and also to give Gable something fun to experience. I don’t want him to equate the car with vet visits…especially since we’re going to get the stitches out next Wednesday.

Last night he came right into the kitchen without me asking him to and wanted to eat dinner. He jumped up when I came home and rattled the leashes because he wanted to go on a walk. This morning he came (stumbled) down the stairs and stood there waiting for me to put his leash/collar on. Emotions well up inside me when I think about it because he’s almost back to being Gable. His tummy no longer feels like a electric stovetop, so any fever is gone. He was alert yesterday and he came running (hobbling) when I rummaged around in the pantry for treats. It wasn’t too long ago that I told myself when his jumping and barking to go on walkies was slightly irritating, that one day he won’t do that anymore and I’ll miss it. He’s excited to go on a walk…I want him excited. He’s not bowling me over, he’s not hurting people through it. I got to experience his non-excitement…I want excited Gable back.

I missed a call from Dr. Henderson about the biopsy results. It’s old granulation tissue and possibly an old vascular tumor, but nothing implicated or worrisome for the future. I’ll hopefully be seeing her on Wednesday for his stiches removal. Good news.

I’ll be posting on the DIY blog about the formation of his shoe. I’m excited to be able to split this personal blog from potentially high traffic posts like that for the other blog. I can’t undo all the followers I have on this one now, but it’s a start!


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