Gable Update!

I was a little worried yesterday because when I came home he didn’t bother getting up to greet me and instead just lay there with his eyes closed. Then I got irritated because he’s been acting obnoxious the last few days: from spitting out pills, to refusing to eat, sneaky  licking of paws, refusing to come down unless called. I got Liana (excited as usual) all ready to go on the walk and he still refused to budge even though I called him, and so I left without him. Walked Liana a longer route and she was happy because we’d been cutting it short for him. When I came back, his face was that of worry and incredulousness that I would do such a thing. I called to him and he immediately came to me and so I prepared to walk him alone, but Liana demanded to go again so she came with us. He spent the rest of the evening moping and looking depressed. I played toys with Liana and tried to play with him, but he just lay there looking forlorn. Breakthrough came about when I called him in for dinner and he ACTUALLY ATE FROM THE BOWL. IN THE KITCHEN. A little hesitantly…but he ate 90% of it and that’s a major win for me. Later as he was napping I noticed that his tummy was extremely hot, much hotter than Liana, so I wondered if he was having a fever. Gave him some water and wet his belly. Took him down to pee (getting really good with the stairs) and he ran up immediately to go to bed which is another plus because that’s what he used to do. Woke up around 1am to find him back in his room (yet another plus), and even though I had to call him down this morning, he came and I feel like his foot feels much better. You can see that it can bear some weight without too much pain. To top it all off: today showed the least amount of bleeding from a walk, yet! I went our normal route and we made good time.

I am pleased. My sleeping has been spotty as usual (the heat doesn’t help) and I’ve been waking up once an hour for a little while now. It must be the mom-radar vigilance making sure nothing is wrong with anyone. Aaaand of course that means vivid, numerous and strange dreams.

I went one week without working out, lying on the couch with Gable, and eating snacks/fried stuff and I feel absolutely bloated. Finally went down to pick up the workout and daaayyyuuummmm. This getting old business is crazy and depressin. Doesn’t help that I dreamed the other night that someone looked at me and said, “Wow you look really, very old. What happened?” =_=

It’s been hard getting more hours at work because this time of year people cancel and aren’t looking for appointments. Sigh. I think I’m going to be OK…but the problem right now is replenishing that huge chunk of savings I lost.


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