5 Days Post

It has been 5 days since last Wednesday’s Gable incident. Every day he is a little bit back to normal. Today he was not in my room when I woke up, was waiting outside the bathroom for me, ran into the kitchen with me as I was pulling the curtain and came into the kitchen during breakfast prep. It’s the little things like that that I really take for granted it seems. He’s been sneaky (foot licky and spitting out pills after I’m gone) and silly and back to many of his old antics. He’s as crabby as ever, the old coot, but I’m really very glad that he is. He still isn’t moving around as much as I’d like during the day, feeding is still a challenge, and he has yet to pick up a toy, but definite improvement. My old man.

I woke up this morning with a thought about describing each day in detail, but I realize that the days of the past week feel like a million years ago. Ah well.

The weather is annoying mild. I want a good snow…just one!!! They’re been eagerly treating the roads just for the heck of it I notice, because there haven’t been any warnings of ice at all and yet our roads are white. Maybe they go bad if unused?

First week back and hopefully no more exciting incidents. Please, Mr. Rooster? Please?

M came to see me on Saturday. First visit in a couple weeks and after our big fall-out…I…can NOT, EVER do a long distance relationship. For me it has to be close. It has to be touch. I rely too heavily upon body language and speech nuances when dealing with people. I’m good at it and obviously that strength is also my weakness…because without being near to see, touch and feel auras/energies…I’m worthless. It was emotional, though not explosively. His touch, his warmth, his presence. It felt good to have him near, to have him actively near me, to talk to him, to laugh with him. Both of us need that nearness and closeness. Text, and voice…it’s not enough. He tried hard, he let down his huge barrier guard, and I really very much appreciate it. To get into him, to have him open up to me has been very difficult, and as I tell my patients, I will take any improvement. Baby steps is fine as long as you keep walking, soldier.

I guess I never knew how much I rely on reading body language. Maybe that’s why I’ve always been attracted to animals and especially dogs. As non-vocal (at least primarily) beings it’s natural. Ironically, I talk quite a bit. haha.

Been ingesting lots of fat and as usual a little kink in the schedule and boom the workout falls to ruins. Gotta get back on it. My body demands it.

Monster Hunter Generations has been my go-to game the last week. Was playing Story of Seasons but it’s a Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley type of game so it can only keep you so intrigued for so long.

I am poor. Oh so very poor. In fact I’m in debt. Credit card debt. However, my expanded hours will not start until after Gable’s stitches come off, so at least my birthday will remain free.

Good night! On to the continuation of my intensely vivid and horribly strange dreams. It has been 3 weeks now. The only night of relative dream peace I’ve had was the night M came to visit me.


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