What’s up with all this posting? I usually only do this when I’m lonely or am constantly worried about something.

My co-worker at work is making me crazy. Not the dumb one. My friend. My classmate. Ever since she started seeing her new boyfriend I feel like she’s changed a bit. Honestly, that’s not strange and I feel it’s rather normal because that’s what happens when two lives come together. I bet anything I changed a bit myself. Little things, but it’s noticeable. The big thing that bothers me, though, isn’t so much that as for the last 2 years she’s been going overboard (my opinion) travelling. Constantly. It’s gotten worse, too. In the beginning it was big trips like most people go on. Then she got the taste for it and goes somewhere almost every weekend. Not my business, but I get a feel that something is egging this on. I’m a homebody so I don’t really care that much to go too many places. I’m perfectly content. I guess that’s the problem. Given her home/house/family situation I see it, like she’s trying to break out but can’t. Another reason I feel she’s going to fast with the new relationship (I get it, though, because I feel like I’m running out of time too and have no way to control it). She can’t stand to be at home. It’s worrisome because what will she do when it’s finally time to settle down? She told me once that she wants to travel because when she starts a family she won’t be able to. I doubt it’s like: do-it-all-now-and-it-will-all-be-out-of-your-system. It’ll probably make it worse. She’ll go like 2 weeks and then she’ll say things like, I want to go back to ____. I’m dying. Going to Vegas this weekend. She works. A LOT. To fund all this, but to me that’s not worth it to kill yourself and then need a vacation? Like a never ending cycle.

Well, it’s not my life, it’s just an observation. Just because I’m not like that doesn’t mean other people can’t be. I just want her to be happy.


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