Nice to have it cooler again

This winter has been annoyingly mild. I’m glad today is cooler. As I look ahead, I see that the earlier forecasted plunge back into the teens has since been changed to warmer weather. As a winter baby I want cold. I want snow…not too much of it, but I like it.

My Facebook is obnoxious again as Trump starts to reverse progress made in the last several years on several fronts. I saw a clip last night from his inauguration where he turns to Melania for whatever reason, she smiles at him and the instant he turns back around her face almost instantly darkens and she seemingly mumbles something under her breath while staring at the back of his head. Seen a couple other things about her, one comparing how Trump greeted her as she was escorted by a Marine (cordially, no touch, just a nod of the head. She nods nervously at him too and her eyes seemed to want more but he doesn’t deliver), as opposed to Michelle Obama whose husband grabbed her hand and kissed it wholeheartedly, all comfortable and sincere. Other words by her included that in regards to her husband, some people can not be changed and you just have to accept it and work around it. She is quite beautiful, though, obviously he’s her sugar daddy. As my mind works in its usual fashion to not be skewed too far in one way or another, I realize that he is 70 years old. Despite what his orange hair is trying to tell everyone his face has aged tremendously already since he won the election. He’s probably old fashioned and the oldest president we’ve had in a while. No other comments about that. haha. I have so many progressive and modern old patients, it’s no real excuse. Also, it must be hell to know that SO freaking many people hate you…then again has anyone truly liked him ever in his life? I guess he’s used to it. Spent his whole life making his persona a certain way, I guess there’s no going back now.

I continue to wonder how much of this present time is controlled by time-travelers. It just doesn’t seem to make sense why he won. What future could have been different if Clinton had gotten it? Diplomatic relations maybe could have soured instantly?

Also, having played Watchdogs 2, how much of what I perceive the world to be is controlled by Facebook and the media? Purposefully giving me posts to sway my thoughts? Apparently while social media was ablaze during the Women’s March, regular TV media didn’t mention it hardly at all!

Wow how did this turn into a post like this…? I don’t ever post about politics. I usually stay away from it all…


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