What A Blustery Day

Like really windy. The houses keep creaking,  I’m watching the trees go crazy in the back, things have flown around the neighborhood, the suet bell feeder in the back fell off a long time ago, and it’s LOUD. Bad for my allergies. At least it’s kind of warm…otherwise wind-chill would be terrible. Given how much rain we’ve had this could easily have been another SnowZilla Jonas from last year and this is that wind when it snow making everything absolutely chilling. Facebook is good about reminding me of things.

Speaking of Facebook I’m afraid to get on it anymore because all I keep seeing are political posts…which normally wouldn’t bother me THAT much, but not only Facebook the news is chock full of hella scary news like our nation wishing to pull out of all treaties for whatever reason. I’m not going to pretend to know what’s going on because I’m not privy to that kind of information, but I do know that to pull out of organizations aimed at keeping peace means that something is about to happen. Even if it’s for a longer-term good the meantime is NOT good for common citizens and soldiers. Which is kind of good that M has entrenched himself in a public servant position: means he won’t be away from me overseas at least. Still in danger and in a national catastrophe he’d be on edge, but not in the active duty capacity.

And on that note, the Fire Dept’s Facebook is always so active posting videos of their recruit class. In the beginning I was amped and psyched watching them, but now I dread seeing them and quickly click away. That confuses me. Do I not care? Well, even though he posts and encourages me to watch them, I certainly stopped watching them…Dunno what shies me away.

Guess what??? I finally managed to DRAW SOMETHING for RW. Tet is this Saturday the 28th, Year of the Rooster. I’m rather proud. Spent yesterday doing it and surprised myself by sketching some idea points, having them come together quickly in my mind and jumping right in. Overall it didn’t take me  more than 2 hours from conception to inked and done. Didn’t even need to take a break and do it the next day. Kind of like my body and mind were so eager to do it, everything was primed and fast. The only hurdle to me accomplishing such creative tasks these days is getting over that initial I-don’t-want-to hump. Maybe that head unit install fed my brain and it wants more. There’s like a veil, though, these days that I find harder and harder to draw back to access that inclination. The mind-numbing desire to play pointless games like Bubble Witch Saga 3 has polluted me.

In regards to the install, I was and am very happy and proud of myself for completing that, just the one detail that gnaws unceasingly inside because I was unable to get a gold star finish…the weather these days are not conducive to doing anything yet. The next time we have a decent weekend I will try again and if that doesn’t work I’m calling Crutchfield to have them walk me through it. That perfectionist side of me won’t stop. LOL.

M didn’t come over Saturday like he said he wanted to and I was secretly happy he didn’t. We had a discussion Friday morning where I was busy complaining to him about how stuck I feel right now with everyone and everything closing in on me and no way to escape, so he made the decision to give me space and not come over. Even though I was happy he didn’t, a part of me was sad…but given the situation (which I had already thought through before) he would’ve been a big distraction and hindrance to me. He’s pretty comfortable with us, but he’s still a guest and I feel like I owe him some attention as he spent the time to come over. I like that he’s giving me space when I need it, but the problem with space (like I’d mentioned we’ve given each other) is that it I might get used to it. I feel bad, too, because he’s been reaching out to me quite a bit lately and I’ve been distant. I’d better step it up before he gets tired of me for being obnoxious as I’m inclined to.

After the successful install I was unbelievably happy and talkative for the rest of the day Saturday, even as I was yak yak yakking away my mind was fully aware of how crazy I was being. Ever get one of those 3rd person moments even as it happens?? Yeah one of those.

I decided I want to go to The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. Random  thought I’ll throw out there. I want cheesecake plus I’ve never been there before.

Today’s possibilities are endless! Gonna make turkey soup, maybe draw stuff? I’d been working on a header image for my RW for a while that hasn’t been completed. I spent yesterday reverting the site to a white background. Or I’ll probably end up plopping in front of the TV again because FINALLY do I get a chance at the Xbox since my brother’s at work. Finished Yoshi’s Wooly World the other day. What an adorable game. I’m going to try to at least to jot down a few sketch ideas before they leave me. Also have laundry (>_<) to do.

Put up my Tet decorations for the house yesterday! We doing our thing on Saturday. I’m happy.


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