There is no traffic today because it is the inauguration of the new President. As one of my patients told me yesterday, the future is uncertain. We have no idea what is going to happen…anything could happen!! Right now and having started last night as several protests in DC. It’s a joke. It was all a joke is what I wanted to believe when they whole election process started, but here it is. And even those he chose for his cabinet are disasters. Can’t do much, though. Only hope for the best and keep on living. Nothing else in my life has changed based on it and certainly there have been presidents like this in the past with no experience and that the people were majorly split on. I forget who (…Garfield??) but I just read about it the other day.

In other, happier news, my Gable turns 9 today!! My heart hound. My puppy boy. I was really worried for him for a while there.

I’m so unbelievably broke right now.

Also craving the ability to live on my own. AGAIN. I love my family and I like company plus having hot food when I come home that I didn’t have to make or clean dishes for is fantastic, but I can’t seem to get away from them. My mom got her hours cut so she’s home A LOT and my brother lately is not hiding in his room anymore. He’s just there. Early. All the time. THERE. It’s not like I can run away for a weekend either because no matter where I go there are people.

I hate feeling trapped.


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