So I’ve spent all of last night and the night before completely absorbed in planning this stereo install: watching online videos, reading diagrams, trying to make mental connections and arriving at comprehension as to how/why it all works. My brother has done all sorts of research into everything so he knows how to do it, but of course he tells me the other day that he’s not going to do it so I’m on my own….what’s the point of learning about something and never doing it? Drives me crazy. He’s continually doing that. He may know in theory how things work but in my lifetime’s experience theory and practical application is rarely 100% the same. There’s some unforeseen THING that happens about 90% of the time and you have to overcome. I’ve developed a saying: “You can know everything and yet know absolutely nothing [until you put it into practice]” all from him (and I guess my own experiences). Then again those problems, those issues are how you continue to learn because without them you’ll never achieve true comprehension of said topic.

Anyways, I spent last evening connecting all the wires together and referring back to YouTube videos to get more insight into it. Everything seems very straight forward. Color to color for the radio harness to the car adapter. The Pac-Audio SWI-RC is the scarier part of all of this and after I thought I finished connecting everything I watched a different video and found that you can just connect all the grounds and powers together…I think I’ll have to do that. and then wait for the posi-taps to come on Friday along with my 22 pieces of red ring thingies of which I only need one to bypass the parking wire. That’s another thing I’ve found on my myriad of DIY projects: having the right tools and gadgets. I wish I’d known all of that BEFORE so I could gather all necessary items in one go and have them on-hand.

I think I might make my own blog post about it, all together, for reference and equipped with tools, items, reference videos and stuff I used. Must remember to take pictures then…which is so easy for me. HAHA. I don’t think I’ll ever make instructional videos. I’m not good enough at any one skill for that.

Had weird dreams again last night about a beach house, large windows, people from work, Liana and warping, small cars, and a dorm. This week has been crazy with work because it’s super hard and my hand has been killing me. Can’t wait to get this puppy in the car. I love learning and doing new things but this anxiety/stress/excitement is something I haven’t felt about a project for a while!!!   ….I need more of it. To feel ALIVE.


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