First Snow 2017

Geez when did I last post? Oh yes. I was being a negative Nellie. In regards to that, I expressed myself to M (can’t remember exactly how) and he’s been trying really hard to pull  me back in. He initiated randomly one evening memories of us since the beginning and from that one it’s been pretty good for the moment. It’s nice to be cordial and casual at the same time.

We had our first snow for the year! On Saturday! We were supposed to only get 1-2″ while most of the storm hit south Virginia (which is probably a disaster zone btw, lol. I mean I used to live down that way…that kind of storm doesn’t hit often and the response is not good, which makes sense. I have to school the haters because they just don’t understand what it’s like) but the snow continued an extra 3 hours…which probably gave us around 2″ come to think of it. It’s so pretty! I love snow. Really, I do. Can’t wait to get our own 10″ of snow here.  Here’s a picture of my babies early on in it! They’re wearing their penguin trapper hats hehehehehehehehe. When we get real snow, I want to take a good pic so we can use it for next year’s Christmas card.


Speaking of Christmas, yesterday was the Epiphany of the Lord, so Christmas decorations come down today! Ah. The joy of taking down things in the bitter cold. The house always feels so blah after we lose all the garland and stuff. Good thing Lunar New Year is coming up soon. Let’s see if I can dig out the decorations for that.

I spent literally most of Saturday and Sunday playing Watchdogs 2. Oh man am I glad I bought that game. I freaking love it! It’s like modern day Assassin’s Creed and that was exactly what I wanted. AC buried in the game text that they would never do modern day versions of it and this is why. The online portion is seamless and is there to penalize you if you’re being too much of an evil nuisance, or to punish others. You can do both. Your choice, except the escaping the bounty part. But while it seems impossible, it’s always possible to escape.  Nothing is impossible, everything is permitted. See the correlation? ASSASSIN’S CREED IS ALL AROUND US.

What that means is that I get nothing done besides sitting on my butt and stuffing my face. And while that is pretty much the epitome of winter, I feel fat. FAT. At least I managed to extract myself long enough to cook food yesterday, play some piano and draw. Speaking of draw, I really REALLY need more RW fodder. I play video games but nothing is coming to mind…maybe reading a good book will help point me the right way. A good, fantasy escapist fiction to lose myself in and set my mind wandering and wondering. I’ll post another post today, but it’s not video games. Sigh.

Liana started sleeping in my room for the past year and recently she gets upset if I don’t get up to put a blanket on her in the middle of the night when she graces me with her presence. She’ll body check the bed a few times, and when I don’t respond she’ll steal my blankets by pulling them towards herself. Picture proof (not the perpetrator but he’s demonstrating it pretty well):


Went to Target last night to get dog food and they were having their white sale so I managed to save $25 off a new Fieldcrest comforter and a set of pillowcases. It feels hotel-quality. I could’ve gotten some Threshold shams and a quilt which were all on sale, but altogether that would’ve been…70+18+18=106 so in the end the Fieldcrest while regular price was cheaper…though now that I think about it the quilt might have been a better buy only because I could use it all year long @_@. I’ve decided that I want to acquire just enough bedding so that it won’t be too much, but that I can switch them out and not have them wear too quickly on me. Excited to try it. Currently I’m using twin bed stuff so they don’t fit right.

Nice to have a normal post, am I right?



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