Happy New Year!

This year I wanted to do a New Year’s post on New Year’s itself! Spent New Year’s Eve and the night before with M. I think it was the first time I have ever been able to do the New Year’s kiss as he stayed until right after midnight. More on that either at a later time or in my physical diary.

So every year I try and look back to see what my resolutions looked like last year and implement a new goal for this year. Here is a copy/paste from a year ago:

2016 Resolutions. What’s on the list for this year?

Finances – I’m not giving up on this. I WILL employ a budget this year and attempt to stick very strongly to it….after I pay off all these holiday expenses of course.

Fitness – 80% success is fantastic in one year, but it’s not 100%. Going for gold this year and starting by eating smaller portions and not gorging until I’m about to vomit. It’s amazing how much less food my stomach can hold as I get older.

Humility – This kind of goes hand in hand with finances, so it might be more accurate to be a subset, but I want to be cognizant of stuff this year. Of not accumulating things I really, honestly, have no need for.  Purging the things I have but is just collecting dust and has no future utility. The logical result would be less money spent, but also less of a materialistic view on life.

 Figure this relationship thing out – I’m no expert. I’ve never done this before. I will use my experiences to figure this puzzle out the best I can. Is that even possible???

Let’s see…well Finances was half-way done… I DID manage to write out a budget. I also DID attempt to stick with it. Attempt being the key word here… Fitness was a big success! I didn’t really start until July, but it really paid off and I felt wonderful. This past month has been a fitness disaster, though. Humility was also successful, although not 100%. I did not hoard this year…except on T-shirts. I definitely purged. Relationship: still not 100% sure what’s up but we went through a LOT of up and down and confusing and stuff.

So all in all, I’d say from a resolution standpoint 2016 was 80% successful. Not bad at all! However, the year itself was just ridiculous overall from a worldly perspective. Everyone…pretty much EVERYONE agrees on this point. We lost so many prominent celebrities this year, several of my friends lots fathers and other loved ones, and then the whole Trump fiasco. I also worked quite a bit this past year, not taking a real vacation, but having time off.

As we start off 2017 I already see some challenges headed my way. Gable has been showing more and more signs of dementia. It’s not just me who sees it either. My car is about to need 60k maintenance which means more money. M graduates in March…which should be happy, but that will bring a whole new set of hurdles to overcome. My sister and BIL will be moving up to this area this year at some point which is opening doors but also opening some old issues. In the area of housing there is room for lots of things to happen but it’s all dependent on getting the ball rolling. My grandparents have expressed the lack of desire in living on their own and indeed my grandfather is aging at an exponential pace. Then there’s the whole thing about my own career and little tendrils of desire cracking some walls a little. As a whole nothing calamitous, but challenges and worries nonetheless…especially the inevitability of loss.

So now it brings me to this year’s resolutions. Here we go:

  1. Fitness – yep. Still there, and will always be. I did VERY well the second half of 2016 and the results were motivating and invigorating. Just this morning I used giftcards to buy myself an Olympic curl bar and weights to go with it along with a resistance tube. The holiday season brought back…the belly…and my New Year’s dog walk proved to me that my cardio is lackluster again. Even my dogs were breathing hard! You can blame that on 2016 weather (rain all spring, HOT in the summer lasting until the late-coming Fall and quick cold)
  2. Finances – I feel like I should give up, but NEVER. NEVER GIVE UP. Especially on something that is so necessary. I didn’t do so terribly last year in this field. Unexpected expenses, yes, but not to a panic point. Keep trucking on this one. If and when I sell the house, this will be easier to succeed in, but only until I buy again: which I plan on.
  3. Relationship – A big unknown coming up. We’ve surpassed that *spark* point. The rocky road of 2016 in this area has taught me quite a bit. I guess it’s time to iron out the wrinkles as our relationship is still young. Another trucking resolution. What happens, happens here.
  4. Personal Growth – Number 4 resolution, the miscellaneous resolution. 2016 was marked by M. He was my year. In that, I pretty much got nothing done. I can name nothing that I accomplished. My plants didn’t grow, I didn’t draw much of anything and I didn’t even have a real dog costume made for Halloween, though that’s not all my fault. Nonetheless it’s a blow to my creative mind to have nothing to show for the year. I played games, though not as much as usual, I drew RW, but they were all about M, I made unfinished costumes. I never learned how to sew. I read so few books I’m ashamed. Didn’t even have many outdoor projects done. So, I will work to accomplish things this year. To go back to being me on top of a relationship. I’ve spent a lot of time moping about not being able to spend as much time with him, so instead of complaining I want to stay busy being me again.

Sounds like a doable list for me. I like it. :) Til next time! Happy New Year!


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