Christmas Days

I had off of work Friday to Monday (yesterday) and I work 3 days this week just like the last one. This is the 2nd year I didn’t take off this last week of the year…and once again I regret not doing it, because I will be pining for time off again soon. Unfortunately I’m not planning on anything…

Dragged myself awake this morning. Looking back the time I did have off was fleeting and fast. It usually is when things are busy; you know how it is when you need a vacation from your vacation. It was just a whirlwind. Then again the last few weeks have been rather busy and I know this because I haven’t been able to play video games almost at all for a little. I managed to squeeze in some Gears of War 2 on Christmas Eve and that caused me to overcook my spinach/collards which then turned into salt-lick veggies.

Friday: went with my brother to my grandparent’s house to help with their TV. They’d had the carpet redone and after setting the TV back up, the cable wasn’t working. I’d brought my doggies so they could run a bit and this was the first time they’d had a dog in the house since Tristan. After some fiddling with no results it fell to me to call Verizon which had us reset someone’s TV in New York before the actual agent helped us out by sending an initialization signal and figuring out the coax power booster was loose. I wished him some time off for the holidays and he just laughed to say that yeah right. Then we went to buy the last minute giftcards and then off to Golden Corral (once again standing up my uncle for lunch) and came back. I spent the rest of the day trying to clean up the house in prep for visitors (cleaning, dog laundry, etc). The whole Verizon thing had taken much longer than I originally thought it would so I was working well into the night to move the beds around and get everything ready. I didn’t want to spend the next day doing it because I wanted some time to just chill out. First time sleeping in the twin bed in a year. I’d forgotten I had had my full memory foam for an entire year now.

Saturday: Didn’t sleep much the night before because my “memory foam” pillows are the worst things I have ever slept on, so I donated it to my dogs. Had to sleep on my body pillow. M woke me up to say that he was coming over after the gym, so I popped up out of bed and raced to walk the dogs. Ate a breakfast so the dogs would eat and to clear out the fridge. He wandered over but only for a little. I gave him his presents and he gave me one too. Then he was off to do some last minute shopping and eat food since I had nothing to feed him. I started playing Gears of War 2 and then started cooking too since my mom wouldn’t be back until 2 and we’d be going to mass right after that. Finished the corn, the mashed potatoes and my salt-lick spinach. The only things left to do would be the oven-baking items. Then my mom came home and we lay around for a little before I hustled everyone out the door. It was the first time we’d been to 4:30pm Christmas mass I think. Disaster. There were so many people and no seats at all. We had to stand in the back and had screaming priest too. My feet were killing me (and continued to kill me for the last couple of days…I dunno if I messed up some muscles or what) so I decided to just sit on the ground through screaming homily, which made the little kids around me sit too lol. Left, and my mom vowed to never come back to that mass. I prefer it only for the timeline of Christmas Eve. Came back and started baking. Sister and her husband arrived just as we returned home and then finally it was food time. They gave me a really hard time for not inviting M and then I finally realized that he had been possibly hinting at it but I was too dense to catch on. Then i felt really bad. Like really really bad. Its strange that I can read people so well and yet with him I’m as oblivious as a Slowpoke. Ate way too much and I had super food coma which made helping clean up really hard. I was so tired from lack of sleep and lots of food so I went  ahead and went to sleep.

Sunday: The night before I had scheduled present opening to start at 9am. I woke around my usual time 7:20ish so I lay in bed and bummed around for a little before my mom got up so I went to walk the dogs and prep. We started heating up food and I did my yearly photography of ppls faces lol. Set out the presents, take more pictures, ran over the scheduled start time. Then the festivities of ripping wrapping. Gable got crazy excited as he does every year. After that tornado we start planning to go eat out which pretty much means to go have chinese food. I make sure to invite M this time. We pack up and head out. It’s a good thing we didn’t invite other relatives because when we get there it is mass chaos and as usual they are running around completely disorganized. That’s the problem with running a family-owned business, like work, on a small scale when the business itself is no longer small scale. It creates lots of discontent even among regular patrons of your business. They convinced me to stick around as other places were not open, so we spent most of the time tense and waiting. Always waiting. Got some food and then we head home. M leaves and we set about to have a break for an hour before heading over to my aunt’s, but my uncle texts me because he has a flat, and so we go to pick him and my grandparents up. We arrive! This year we have some drama regarding one of my aunts who didn’t show up, so it wasn’t as loud as usual since it was just one set of kids. Talking, playing with dogs, laughing, it was all pretty good and we ate with the kids. The usual Christmas unwrapping this year was less of a frenzy and was over pretty quickly. I guess as the kids get older it’s less crazy. Gave my cousin some windproof and waterproof matches and of course they had to go try it. And figures that the one year I didn’t get anyone dog toys they give me one.

I had a lot of time to stand there and take in what kind of people my relatives were and understandably the adults were the same, but the cousins were ever evolving and changing. Like I mentioned before there was a calmer overtone to the event this year (maybe from one family missing?) and I came to some conclusions. My step cousins: one was the same, still no real identity, but the other on her last year of college showed her real personality. Not only did she look different, like older, but I got to decide that if we weren’t somewhat related I would not like her. Friendly enough, but that young, know-it-all attitude and doesn’t like when others “know more.” Not open to recommendations or advice. On the other hand, my blood cousins (their step siblings), are amenable to advice. That trait alone is extremely favorable to me. The older one had gotten a puppy which no one in my family approves of, but what are you gonna do? He didn’t bring him out until the end, and I saw why. It’s because the german shepherd puppy and the old beagle/tickhound do not get along well. However, I am well aware that dogs CAN get along and it’s usually the people surrounding things that make it the way it is. I originally was going to ignore everything and not step in because it was none of my business, but I ended up not being able to stand it and had to jump in. I tried to explain to my cousin that by constantly pulling on his collar it was creating tension with the older dog. On top of it, my step cousin had been busy coddling him whenever they got into some confrontation. I could see something bad about to happen so I HAD to step in. My cousin was trying to listen (that’s the change in him, btw. He knows people didn’t approve of his decision and everyone figured he’d just think he’d give up the dog to his dad in the end, but I could see in his face that he was trying really hard to be responsible) to me (but I need more time than 30 minutes to get him to understand), but I could tell my step cousin didn’t want to because she “knew” more about the old dog. I have a special place in my heart for that pup because I spent a good amount of effort and time training him. He remembers too. I stepped in and reprimanded the old dog who was perpetuating things and I could hear around me that no way it was going to last. Give me a day with them and I might have some results for you. I’ve always wanted to try raising a puppy. Couldn’t get it off my mind when I left. The whole dog thing bothered me for 2 days. In the mean time my mom was hung up on my aunt’s husband and how he acts around our family like we’re germs and infectious too.

I also learned that my brother gets nervous when driving on 495. I’m not sure really why either. I drive scarier, but I’m not intimidated by it.

We get home, feed the dogs, and my sister manages to convince my brother in law who wants to go home to stay another day, so we end up watching casted videos on the TV for the rest of the night.

Monday: After Christmas sales! I was so loud at breakfast that my brother in law came down haha. Then my sister and I left to get to Target. The one here was SO DEVOID OF STUFF it was crazy so we hopped onto the road again and went to a bigger Target where it was much better. Almost died in the car because people suck and I drive aggressively, but we make it back and head to Red Robin for lunch. Never been there before. I end up ordering a very spicy mac’n’cheese burger. Similar to our other restaurant experience there was a server shortage. Bluh. Then they left and by that time it was 4pm-ish and I didn’t have much time left on my Monday. We were full so we didn’t really eat dinner and ended up casting more videos after lying around for a little and I started my laundry (UGH).

And there you have it! Christmas This year finally completed.


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